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Ignorant Stupid Patients


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I have offended some people on this thread with my "extreme, radical" opinions. I am on federal assistance, I have recieved terrible care because of my insurance.....Read the first page of replies!!!

I think there should be a point though where enough is enough. I agree with you on trying to turn these huge people. It gets frustrating to hurt and ache physically every night from these. It also gets frustrating to see the extremes this can go to while watching someone you love do this very thing to themselves.

I just think there should be a cutoff. It would have to be regulated and argued in court for a long time. Yet there is still a way this could be done. I know I am so radical, and liberal and I will never see changes like this. This doesn't stop me though from sharing my opinion. This doesn't stop me from fighting for whats right.

I would hope most of you agree on the patient this blog was started over...has made no attempt to save her life, to improve her quality of life, or even listen to the advice being given.

I think this is clearly a case where they should recieve warning their benefits will cease if they don't start making ANY attempt. Even if it is cutting out the concentrated sweets!!! Or maybe even some light exercises in bed such as arm rotations!! This behavior though has clearly demonstrated to everyone they don't care and are perfectly happy gorging themselves on the tax payers money.

Oh and not to mention the risk to the nurses and staff caring for them of possible injury due to trying to care for them.

I can't agree with that, I don't know this person, I don't know their life and I don't live with them, so I can not honestly say what they have or haven't done. She obviously has a lot of enablers which if they are around you constantly can make it extremely hard to change. All we really know about this Pt. is what a frustrated nurse happen to vent about. We don't really know the Pt at all. Everybody has a story, we don't know hers.


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i work on a renal floor(read diabetes, heart failure, obesity, hypertension). i realize that you get to be on the renal floor because your renal failure et.al. are advanced and/or out of control. but, and i speak from experience, our patients are chronically noncompliant. its not that unusual for patients to deliberately miss dialysis to get admitted. why? standard treatment is dilaudid 2-4mg iv q 2 hours prn. oh, and dont forget the phenergan and run down to the cafeteria for a cheeseburger and fries with that. how long does it take to figure out that there is a payoff for their noncompliance? why be at home where you have to handle life when you can be in the hospital with room service, maid service and drugs on tap? this is a nonsustainable system. maybe thats what was ment by three strikes and your out. you lay out from dialysis dont come here for emergency middle of the night dialysis and all the potassium and sugar that you can consume. and dont suggest nursing interventions and refusing to get them what they want. been there, done that, got shot down. afterall there is the patient satisfation surveys. yeah. three strikes you should be out.


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I do not have a problem with people receiving Medicaid. It is a good program and a good safety net. I have had to use it in the past. There are some providers that do not provide good care and service. That is really pathetic. I do treat my patients with compassion. However, I do use the term "ignorant" when they do not have knowledge of how to control their BS. Repeated education has not worked. When a person has been educated, and understands the treatment, but still refuses to comply with treatment, this is my definition "stupidity." If you know that you have lost your limbs but continue with out of control eating, there are certain repercussions. Repeating the same action over and over, and expecting a different result is "stupidity."
Sounds to me like she's bought herself a one way ticket to the eternal care unit. I see your point, I also know there are a lot of people that work the system and that plucks my nerves.
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