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  1. NursingStudent5548

    No time off for new dad!!

    Okay to all the responses about us planning a small (BUT FORMAL) wedding... I have been married once before for 2.5 years my ex deployed to Iraq came back with an young female soldier. He divorced me and less than 6 months later remarried her. Our wedding was small on horse back outside of his bar, none of my family there.... BIG MISTAKE... I don't want to do that again (SO I guess I did it backwards and saved money on a marriage that was doomed) This wedding will not be blessed or accepted by the catholic faith until I have converted to being a Catholic (takes a year) currently pursuing, will finish in MAY and my previous marriage is anulled by the catholic faith. NOW TO THE REAL ISSUE- He has been called into the office with write up already written for.... "Throwing a plate and calling the food SLOP" other staff members attested to this being a joke and stated he didn't throw the plate (only repeated what resident called it to lighten the mood outside of all resident view and earshot) "Chasing Residents around the building in a wheel chair" He was entertaining an aphasic/dysphasic resident by doing stunts in their chair in their room while they laughed and clapped. Again other staff members backed this story "Yelling at another staff member for not caring for residents" He didn't yell but informed this staff member she didn't have a pager and her residents were complaining they were being ignored. Staff member continued whole shift with out pager and then stated she forgot it to the boss. Finally once again other staff members shared his opinion and defended him. It's odd these people come up with these stories yet nobody else witnessed to their side of the story These are just a few of the example from this month... Never actually got wrote up once questioned by the boss but was hurt she had a write up complete before even ever talking to him!! Now they stated they couldn't give him anytime off because they were already short-handed (ALWAYS SHORT-HANDED) never enough staff hired. He has never been late, called in, missed a day, or recieved a write up. The doctors note is not a lie, it is coming from my OB/GYN who is delivering the baby. It will state something along the lines that he was PRESENT FOR THE BIRTH OF HIS CHILD. We will be accepting the suspension (IF HE EVEN GETS SUSPENDED). We will also still call stating he won't be at work due to the birth of his child. We are doing everything we can to make it, as responsible, and convienant, and keeping his work place informed. If they fire him... I have already set into motion with HR at my facility to get him hired within the next 2 weeks anyway.
  2. NursingStudent5548

    No time off for new dad!!

    Sorry the boyfriend is a CNA at a CATHOLIC, nursing home... He is a Catholic himself... We are not married but engaged to be... and if not for time and money would be getting married (date set). We are still planning on getting married but with us both being full time students and working full time to make ends meat, we definetly can't afford a wedding nor do we have the time to plan for one. I know we could just go to a court house but we feel that is a special occasion that should not be rushed or disregarded. I am also currently pursuing the path of becoming a Catholic we want to be married in a Catholic church and have our child baptised at a Catholic church. The latter is being arranged and will occur. He pulled the code of conduct for the facility printed material in the HR office. IT states concerns to call two different people so we will be doing that tomorrow. We also would like to inform them, that they are not following the code of conduct expected of him and their employees and how could they expect everyone else to follow a code they themselves do not. It says things like, treating each other with dignity, respect, self-worth. Promoting a balance between family/personal life and work life. A promise to use each others gifts, skills, and wisdom to serve those being served and those providing service. Its disgusting to think a Church run facility, for a faith that encourages reproduction. Disagrees with birth control, and abortion. This is why they don't look negatively upon us, because we are planning to get married asap, we didn't use birth control, and didn't opt for an abortion. We have faced our sin of premartial sex and our addressing it. We have decided we will gather a HONEST Dr. note from my OB/GYN stating he was present for the birth of his child. We have also decided we will keep that attached with a copy of his birth certficate in case he ever needs evidence of why he recieved a suspension. We feel honestly the suspension is a "negatively looked upon form of unpaid leave" which is all we honestly asked for. They are short handed because they have such a high turn over. So I am sure they will be glad to have him return to work on Monday. Where he will continue showing up on time, as scheduled. We are also willing to accept the the suspension because we feel confident that any place hiring him in the future would look at the date the suspension took place, and reason to be nothing short of pitiful. (Especially considering a Dr's statement he was present for the birth of his son)
  3. NursingStudent5548

    No time off for new dad!!

    I have posted on here numerous times over several different issues.... but I am in a hard spot and disgusted by this facility. I am being induced on this Thursday due to a high risk pregnancy. We were just informed today, so at work today my boyfriend (babies daddy) asked for unpaid leave for this Thursday and Friday. He was informed no, and was informed by HR he didn't qualify under the FMLA because he hadn't been working there for 12 months or worked a total of 1250 hours. Well this is all very convienant considering about one CNA/direct patient care staff member meets these criteria on any given shift. In fact he has become a senior employee and only been working there for 3 months. He has never been late or called in sick. Being honest here... he has been called into the person in charge of his unit office numerous times and everytime, she has a write slip already completed and never talked to him about it yet. She asks him to sign it and explains what it said.Being wiser than that he refuses to sign it until she has heard both sides. Well today he was called in for "throwing a plate down, and repeating what the resident said about the food" that was his "DRY" way of keeping it light and saying I know you busy and this sucks but this resident would like an alternate tray. Well this cook went to his boss exaagerated the throwing down of the plate and assumed that was his opinion of the food. He admitted to dropping the plate and explaining that he was trying to be humerous about it. For the (too many times to count) time she crumpled the write up up. So two day of unpaid leave were denied for the birth of his child... We did everything we could to go about this honestly but it seems we might have to have a Dr. sign a note to excuse him from work due to some illness. We both work with numerous (DR.s) who would willing to sign a note to something along those lines out of sympathy. Has anyone else ever heard of something similar occuring to someone else. OR HAVE ANY IDEA's OF OTHER HONEST WAYS OF dealing with this. We HAVE 1. Been unsuccessful at finding replacements (most would be over time or coming out of a 9 day cycle with out a day off) 2. FMLA (don't qualify) 3.Applied to other facilities (pulled strings there should get a call back by next week for a position, good for the future but doesn't help our tight budget now or the fact that still won't get the time off) If he calls in sick will get suspended (unless with doctors note can't be reprimanded)
  4. NursingStudent5548

    Studio B by Cherokee

    Has any one else tried these scrubs out?? I just got a job at the largest hospital in our city... and they simplified the scrubs by colors per department. Basically RNs/LPN's where solid Marroon....Doc's where tealish color....and all other patient care staff wears Navy!! Well I hate navy so had never bought a single pair of scrubs in that color... Today I went to several scrub shops around town because my BF and I both needed a few scrubs. We ended up settling at the store I wanted to go in the first place (20% discount and biggest selection). I needed a pair of Navy scrubs I could walk out of the store in and could order more but needed at least one set... After struggling going through brand after brand (btw LA Rose is not for curvy women) the clerk took me to the front where they had just got STUDIO B SCRUBS BY CHEROKEE in... these were the best scrubs I have ever wore in my life!! I am busty and always got my tops a size bigger to allow movement in the back of the scrubs...this made my waist look huge and me feel boxy!! This was not an issue with these scrubs they were made with spandex, cotton, and lycra. They are so cool and lightweight and gave enough stretch I was able to get a size that looked form flattering and allowed movement!! So I guess my point is if you haven't tried them try them... also if anybody knows of other scrubs like these please let me know!!
  5. NursingStudent5548

    Becoming a Nurse the Hard Way

    Oh my!!! I have never met anyone who could relate to so perfectly. I to was 13 dropped off at a hospital to volunteer. I continued volunteering until I to was able to enlist as a medic. I put my schooling off intially because I got married right after AIT...got divorced went right back to school. I got pregnant and now am taking a year off. I hope to be as strong willed as you were and complete my schooling!!