If you could invent nursing supplies, what would it be?

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Acme Physician Shut-Up Spray

It would come in an aerosol can and whenever a Physician said something rude or stupid, you just spray it in their face...it would paralyze their vocal cords to where they couldn't make a sound.

I think it would be a big hit.

Who would buy?

I would. By the gross. But I'd need a personal supply for when DH says inane or asinine things. Or comes up out of his crystal cave then starts talking, interrupting me when I'm trying to hear what Dr. Lightman is saying about the current liar he's talking to. Or what Patrick Jane is saying to the person he's trying to "read".

My husband often said when our kids were small that he'd like to invent a "sleep mist" that you could spray at them and they'd instantly stop fill in the blank and fall asleep.


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lol, that made me laugh out loud (the bat comment)

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Robots in administration so they could push papers and talk to each other, and not bother the rest of us.


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"Personally, I hate gluing fecal pouches on pt's bottoms with fragile skin and breakdown."

I just leaned about calmoseptine from a wound care specialist. It's amazing - good for this kind of problem - she actually told us to use it on a leaky g-button site and it has never looked so good in the 15 months I've been taking care of this child.

When I looked it up. it mentioned using it with stoma powder - my second favorite thing! What's not to love? It's an OTC, findable at Walgreens, sometimes behind the counter. It has a menthol and zinc oxide base and provdes a moisture barrier that is very soothing. It's also good for skin folds that are all irritated and red. Kind of an all purpose skin cream.


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1) a call bell that could either zap the caller or dispense valium at the nurse's whim :smokin:

2) a state law that states "The person who does the supply dispensing has to clean up the mess when we don't have the equipment" :angryfire


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I would to see someone invent a decubi dressing that did not rollup and yet did not destroy the skin when removed

I would like to see a glucometer that worked similar to a Oximeter. Just place on the finger and get the blood sugar value with no needle or lancet stick.

I remember reading a while back that such a thing does exist, but it is soooooo expensive, almost no one has one.


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Would Calmoseptine be good for ostomies or decubi? Pt. has ostomy that is only 3 in. from the 5x3x2 in. abd wound that has a KCI wound vac. Having trouble keeping the ostomy from seeping into the wound. Pt also has 3 decubi within a 4 in area of each other and Dr. is using duoderm which keeps rolling up.

A couple of posters mentioned wireless pulse oximeters- I have one. It's small, and hangs on a lanyard. I bought it on amazon.


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A chux pad that sends an alarm when it is soiled sounds wonderful to me, along with the zapping call button! What else... an IV pole that has sturdy wheels to get over those stupid thresholds between the bathroom and patient room and a place to hang a foley bag on the them. A cattle prod like device to use on the nurses who seem to be able to sit for 7 out of the 8 hour shift. A self release roll belt that is just a little bit harder to get off. A silent air mattress. No rinse shampoo that does not leave a residue. Toilet that automatically collects stool and urine and send it to the lab. A way to attach a condom cath that works for more than five minutes. there are more I am sure... but thats all I can think of.


An IV pole that gets over those huge thresholds and also has a Foley hook?? Your prayers have been answered. We use these....Safepole. I believe it was designed by a patient and they are very sturdy. They are wonderful. http://www.safepole.net


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wireless monitors, stretchers that don't get stuck between the floor and the elevator, IV poles for the same reason, a tube system throughout the hospital to send specimens, obtain drugs, etc... instead of having to run everywhere, a motorized stretcher for those 300+ lb patients, an EKG machine that can actually give an accurate reading of the rhythm - rather than knowing it's wrong and having to wait for a Dr. to "formally read" it .... antimicrobial foley - to stop those nasty bladder infections.


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1. A contraption that would safely stabilize those rolling veins.

2. A way to show patients on admission what the pain ratings are all about. "Now, we'll turn the machine up, and give you an idea of what a pain rating of 10 is REALLY about"!!

3. A way to legalize #2.

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