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  1. PLEASE HELP! Graduation Speech!!

    keep it short and sweet. i wouldn't recommend personal stories about each person. our speaker did that and he had to be shut down in the middle of speech because he took so long. very embarrassing and awkward
  2. Tech saying they are a nurse

    i don't think this is a big deal. patient's know what a nurse is. hospital's come up with these elaborate and unnecessary titles. in our hospital, CNAs are "patient care associates". I'd get tired of explaining that over and over and over again. It'...
  3. Need honest answers about working in CA

    i live in the Orange County section of southern California. Around here, hospitals are still hiring like crazy. Several hospitals are still offering sign on bonuses. Whenever I'm listening to the radio, I almost always hear a commercial about a hospi...
  4. welcome to my life (after reading the title of your posting).
  5. IV Dilaudid problem patients!!!!!!!!!!!

    pain in subjective and it is what the patient says it is. if they say they're in pain, then i must address it. i have to put aside any personal feelings that i may have about a pt's true intent for IV pain medication because it's not my place. there ...
  6. Anbody Else Gain a Ton of Weight in Nursing School?

    thankfully i don't eat that well when i'm stressed out. so i had a rocking figure in nursing school! some of friends... not so much :)
  7. difficulty making self study for courses other than nursing

    hopefully the fear of failing and not reaching your goal will stir up enough anxiety to get you into the studying mode for those courses. :)
  8. Anyone see a need for a laptop in NS?

    it's primarily a personal decision. if a laptop will help you, then get it. personally, though, i hand write the notes. doing this allows information to "sink in". and also... you'll pretty much be reading like crazy and taking tests, so you won't ...
  9. Huge Nursing School Debt!

    that's crazy. my NS total cost was about $4,000 for 2 years. You may want to rethink this through and really evaluate the reality of incurring $75k in debt, especially in a not-so-good economy.
  10. Does nursing have to be your "calling" for you to be a great nurse?

    No. However, if you have a passion, it'll probably be easier. A lot of the nurses I work with work because they need to pay their mortgage. They don't have a "passion" to work, and yet they still do their job well.
  11. What to do after graduation? Unit or floor?

    They mean the same thing. The NICU is awesome! You'll love it. I'm not sure why you're asking other people where you should work? That's your decision. Pick whatever area you like the most.
  12. Nurses Going to Med School

    Thanks for enlightening me. My opinion still stays the same, though.
  13. What I learned at rotation this week.

    you get all kinds of crazies at a county hospital
  14. The dirty work?

    you will encounter poop, vomit, etc here and there. honestly, though, the CNAs take care all of that. the hospital does not pay an RN to do the "dirty work" persay. You'll be consumed by mostly paperwork.
  15. My clinical instructor threw me out of clinical!

    Uhh... there's difinitely things that you intentionally left out of your story. A nursing instructor doesn't tell you to go home with out a really good reason. She did not throw you because you were flustered. Oh my goodness! 99% of students would be...