If you graduated between 2008 and 2009,how long did it take to find a job ?

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Why don't you take a look at the offerings from some of the travel nurse companies. Travel nurses are far more expensive than home grown. This way you can get a feel for where the jobs are. Several months ago I checked and there wasn't a single opening in New England, New York, or PA. Hope this helps.

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Graduated beginning of July. Received license mid October. Had a job within 3 weeks and started work 10 days after that. I probably could have gotten the same position as soon as I got my hard card as I knew they were hiring but was shy to go until I saw the job posting said new grads welcome.

The hiring process was funny bc they never said hey your hired just had me fill out a bunch of paperwork and tests W2's etc then straight to the salary offer and questions about which cases I felt comfortable with and which skills I needed orientation on as well as some career advice including which agency to change to once I had the magic year.

I'm an LVN and I live in Los Angeles, CA


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I graduated May 09 with my ADN in Texas. I had my job lined up in March 09, not my first choice specialty but I have friends who still have not found jobs! I started in June 09 and passed NCLEX in July 09. I am extremely fortunate since I got day shift AND all the holidays off this year.

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I graduated May, 09 but had a job offer in Feb, 09. I'm in upstate NY, Finger Lakes area.


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Had the job locked down, paperwork in, drug test done about two weeks prior to graduating. Started as a GVN about a week after the ceremony and passed the NCLEX a week after that. I'm not one bit ashamed to admit that I used contacts and called in favors to get the job. In todays market you use whatever advantage you have.

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I graduated May 2009, passed NCLEX July 2009, had a job offer one day after I learned I passed NCLEX, starting working Aug 2009.

I started looking for a job in Feburary 2009 before graduation. I went on 3 in person interviews and had one phone interview with no success. My last interview nailed the job for me.


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Sure, Baxter. I went to school 800 miles away from where I currently live, so I was at a distinct disadvantage as far as 'networking' was concerned. I had asked my friends and family back home if they knew of anyone with any connections out here, and it didn't turn up anything. So basically, I was just applying and applying, getting no where.

I had one interview for a LTC scheduled a few weeks ago. It was cancelled a few days prior to my appointment. I stewed in my depression and self pity for a few days, and then decided that I needed to be more aggressive.

First, I called family and friends in various areas of the country, explained my situation, and asked if they might happen to have someplace I could crash if I took a job in their area. I have a toddler and a husband who couldn't relocate, but I figured I could fly/drive out, work 3-12's, then come home for a few days. Luckily, I have a huge family, so I had many offers of couches/beds/empty basment corners. I started applying around the country, to see if I could get an offer.

Second, I retooled my cover letter. After about 200 aps, I pretty much have a few variations of cover letters that I tweak to fit the unit/facility that I am applying too. I have a previous degree in elementary education, as well as extensive professional experience with culturally/ethnically diverse young families, special needs students, and early childhood development. I had always mentioned this on my cover letters, but focused on nursing, since I was applying for nursing positions. I decided to focus on these previous experiences instead. Since I'm a new grad, to be honest, there's not a lot of unique nursing 'stuff' to write in a cover letter. My new one general reads 'elementary education, special needs kids, culture, education, development....oh, and I have a BSN.' Of course, it also has some facility/unit specific direction.

Third, I called my family and friends for networking leads again. I must have sounded a lot more desperate this time, because I actually got a lead this time. A family member asked around her unit again, and found out that one of the doc's used to work at a facility near me (and on a unit that I was very interested in). The doc graciously agreed to call the unit manager on my behalf and talk me up. (I really need to send that doc a pie or something, because the call resulted in an interview!)

So that's it in a nutshell. I have received numerous offers for interviews for units in the Southern US (CVICU, PCU, Burn ICU, CCU), though I ultimately decided to decline them since I also was getting calls closer to home. It will be really nice if I can live with my family, especially if I can get a job that I would like to stay in for at least a few years. I feel so guilty when I apply for a position that I KNOW I would only stay in for a year, max.

So no job yet, but I'm hopeful becuase I'm finally getting a steady stream of recruiters calling. I'm definately using my prior experience in education to my fullest advantage from now on, since it seems to be working for me.

Thanks for the response I am a soon to be grad(August!) from CT. I am starting to get anxious about finding a job after hearing all the trouble many people are having. I wish you luck!!


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Graduated in May 2008, started my job in the beginning of July. I took NCLEX right after starting my job. Live in Ohio.

I feel lucky to have graduated in '08 because I have talked to numerous people around here and found it much more difficult just one year later. There seems to be a shortage (er, complete lack of) new grad positions here in Cleveland area.

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I graduated December 08 in Illinois. I had a job offer lined up in Chicago before I graduated and started in Feb 09.


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Graduated in April and took boards in May, got a job in June 2009...had to move, was out of work for one month and then got anothe job in August 2009...had to move again..this time out of state...got a job in December 2009...but that was only part time...got another job in Jan 2010...and that place got shut down by the state...was out of work for 8wks...started my new job May 2010...


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I graduated in May 2008. I received a job offer in March 2008 and started as a GN intern June 5. Received passing NCLEX results June 26, 2008.

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Graduated May 09' Got the job a few months before graduation. Got laid off a few months later do to over staffing, then got my second job 6 weeks later. I am in Northern CA

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