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  1. I saw you transferred from el centro to TCCD I’m wondering how hard was that and did they accept your credits ? I’m going to be a second semester student and hoping I can get through it at el centro but was looking into TCC for the rest of my semesters... Not sure did you’ll see this but I hope you do and can answer. Thanks 🙂

  2. twinpumpkin

    Has anyone worked or heard of Brightstar?

    I have worked for several different BrightStar offices. Most positions are prn or part-time. I've never been asked to have anything done before an interview. My experience is the better the office staff, the easier your job will be. I continue to work for them to have different clinical experiences and if one location doesn't have any work for you, try another.
  3. twinpumpkin

    Home health to CM?

    What you have heard is correct. They are totally different types of CM. Instead of working in the field and interacting with patients in person, providing hands-on nursing care and education, I now work in an office, sit in a cubicle all day, have no window to even look outdoors and interact with my patients via telephone and computer. While I do miss interacting with my patients, the hours are definitely better in corporate CM - I work 4 days a week, 0830-1730 with an hour for lunch, no nights, weekends or holidays and get paid holidays. The work-life balance is much better, too. As a home health CM, I often was finishing my charting for the day after my kids went to bed and never knew exactly what time I was going to get home each night, due to possible patient complications, traffic, etc. In my experience, the potential income is better in non-HH case management. I am bored at times and never planned or wanted to work in the corporate world. However, I do remind myself that I am still helping patients who are ill and there is a support system among our group of care coordinators/case managers. I hope that my description gives you a glimpse of the differences/similarities of case management in various locations. Good luck! Twinpumpkin
  4. twinpumpkin

    Paramedics rank higher than LPNs?

    What is a MICN and a PHRN?
  5. twinpumpkin

    VA clinic

    Nursing school emphasizes hospital employment, but there are so many other places to work. I work for a physicians' group M-F 830a-530p with no nights, weekends or holidays. I don't think I'll ever return to hospital/bedside nursing.
  6. twinpumpkin

    BrightStar Home Health Care- thoughts??

    I have worked PRN for a BrightStar office in my city for about 9 months now and have had only one bad experience. I started off doing patient assessments for long-term health care companies, then would help at the local military bases doing immunizations and lab draws for soldiers getting ready to deploy overseas. Most recently, I have been instructing patients on how to self-administer growth hormone injections or medication for rheumatoid arthritis. I had to get trained and certified to do the medication teaching. Perhaps I continue to get patients because this is Texas and I am bilingual in Spanish/English. It seems like all of my GH/RA patients are Spanish speaking.
  7. twinpumpkin

    Do you regret clinic nursing?

    Sounds like a fabulous environment to work in. I'm just curious, what state were you in?
  8. twinpumpkin

    What to wear to job interview?

    I never wear scrubs to an interview! It is best to wear a professional outfit, like slacks and a blouse or a business suit (ex. something you would wear to church). This makes you look professional and mature.
  9. twinpumpkin

    Are You a Member of the allnurses.com Grammar Police?

    I have heard this many times spoken by educated professionals. In my experience, those who say "on yesterday" or "on today" are members of a certain race. It bothers me, too, and I've always wondered why it's said that way.
  10. twinpumpkin

    Can a home health nurse specialize in neurology?

    Some home health agencies have psych nurses and some don't. It just depends on the agency whether or not you'd get to see psych pts. Also, in my experience, home health agencies specialize in either adults or peds, but not both.
  11. twinpumpkin

    recerting too many times

    NRSKarenRN...Thank you for posting this information! :)
  12. twinpumpkin

    60-day recert calendar

    How much did the wheel cost? It reminds me of the pregnancy wheel, that OBs use to determine due date.
  13. twinpumpkin

    Are You a Member of the allnurses.com Grammar Police?

    The one that bothers me the most is when someone says, "Where are you at"? Also, I'm not sure it's really grammar, but saying, "My bad" makes people sound stupid! Can't they just say, "oops"?
  14. twinpumpkin

    Are You a Member of the allnurses.com Grammar Police?

    Interesting! I did not know that it was different. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Right out of school, I worked 7p -7a three shifts a week. After getting adjusted, I enjoyed night shift. Like someone else said, there is less traffic, no dietary, less visitors and mist patients sleep. I currently work M-F days in home health and enjoy it. My hours are flexible and I can attend my kids' school activities. I do miss the 3 day work week but not the 12+ hour shifts.
  16. twinpumpkin

    Do your family members "get it"?

    As a former night-shift worker, I can relate to people waking you up. The worst part is the solicitors (phone and door). Put a "DO NOT DISTURB....SLEEPING" sign on the door and turn off the phone. Tell your daughter to call and leave you a voice mail or send you a text/e-mail if she wants to tell you something. If it is a true emergency, your ex can come bang on your door. It is very important to get your sleep, and our bodies do not adjust easily to daytime sleeping and nighttime working. It will get better in time. Good luck~!