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I really need information about CGFNS. I took the test CGFNS 2 years ago and fail and gave up. now I want to fight again. what should I do to reapply?

Now I live in USA. If I want to take NCLEX-RN directly, can I do that? But I don't have SS number. There are any state that I can apply ...please tell me

thank you every much


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last i heard u can apply to take CGFNS .you'll need to get in contact with them .i think they are based in Philidelphia P.A. alternatively you might want to apply to california board of nurses.as i recall you don't need to take Cgfns.only NCLEX. I hope this helps you.:roll


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Thank you Caramel

I have contacted CGFNS but nothing they don't reply me.

I know that they work slowly. About NCLEX in CA, I asked for application form and I got it already but I have problem about SS number that I don't have and they require SS number.

thank again



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I my be wrong, but, I think the first thing you need to do is to get a social security number. If you were still living outside the US that may not apply, but you are here now and may have different requirements to meet.

Just about everything in the US is tied to that number. Then you can concentrate on nursing licensure.





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I'll do it but I 'm not sure that I can get it.

thank you

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I just have to download CGFNS application form, fill it out and send to CGFNS. You should mention your CGFNS ID number.

I think you can apply to NCLEX through Californian Board of Rigestered Nursing or New Mexico Nursing Board. Regarding SSN. You can get ITN ( you need lawer) and after you pass Visa Screening and get green card you'll be eligible to get SSN.

CGFNS is not only slow but very unprofessional. Unfortunately you need CGFNS if not for its exam, but for visa screening.


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I 'll not give up again. I'm goning to be a nurse in US.

I hope to see you in US too.


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One option is to get an employer who is willing to petition you on an employment basis, you just need to sign a contract with them that you will work for them for a certain period as an RN, their lawyer will do the rest of the paper works to be filed to the INS, you on the other hand will no longer need to take the CGFNS, you can go ahead and apply directly for California NCLEX provided you have supporting papers that you are being petitioned to work in a US hospital. Usually your employer will also take care of your NCLEX, all you need to do is fill-out the forms.


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As far as I know, an ITN number is used only for tax purposes. It stands for "Individual Taxpayer Number" which anyone can apply for through any IRS field office. Once they stamp it received, it usually takes aprox 3 weeks or so to get the number. (after a couple of weeks, you can call the support number, and they can give you the number over the phone if it has been assigned - a formal letter will be sent in the mail) But it is only for someone who needs to file taxes (or for someone who is filing their taxes and wants to add this other person onto his/her taxes)and does not have a SS number. In order to get a SS number, you can go to the INS and apply for your work authorization card. This EAD (employment authorization document) will authorize the IRS to issue a social security card to you. Good luck.

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My question concerns your legal status in this country. Are you a legal Resident Alien? If you are you can apply for your SS card without a problem. If you are here on a visitors visa, you will need to find out what you have to do, to get a hospital to sponsor you.

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1. For those of you that are having difficulties with passing CGFNS etc., we offer a 4 month course in Bangkok, Thailand that will cover all of the material that you will be required to kinow to pass your exams, as well as conversational English skills. Please check out our website to get more info: http://www.RNSpecifics.com

2. If you took CGFNS two years ago, you must resubmit all documentation. Remember that their ruling is that even if you pass the exam, but cannot pass English within the two years, you must retake the exam. California does not require CGFNS, but many other states do, even if you are a Canadian nurse. I would highly recommend taking it, as you may not know where you would like to work later, and then you may possibly have to take it. There are six CGFNS testing centers throughout the US.

3. If you are in the US on a tourist visa or a student visa, you will not get a SSN through normal channels, as you would have no reason to be paying taxes. With either of those visas you are not permitted to do any work, at any time. And should you decide to take a chance with working, AND you get caught, you will never, ever get a green card. Is it worth that to you? I don't think so. You have to uch to lose for so little.

4. If I can answer any more of your questions, please do not hesitate to write to me. Also, deadline is March for the July, 2004 CGFNS exam. And that means all papers must be received by then, not just your application...verification from your nursing colleges and verification from your nursing board in your home country. As of July, 2004, all nurses will be required to complete the Visa Screen. Even if you skip the CGFNS exam, and just take NCLEX.

Good luck to all of you.....................................

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