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  1. Balagtas

    Filipino Nurses and friends of filipino nurses in AZ

    :chuckle Yup, bulakeno po ito, from the town of Balagtas... Yes I'm working at CGRMC, there's alot of Pinoys there at marami pa raw parating this year... Where are you going to work, sa Mesa? There's alot of good hospitals there... Hope you meet our kababayans saan man ikaw mag-work, I'm sure scattered sila all over AZ.
  2. Balagtas

    Filipino Nurses and friends of filipino nurses in AZ

    Hi Kabayan!!! I am here in AZ too. There's alot of filipinos here in AZ, I'm sure you've met some of them... In Phoenix there's a church there consisting mainly of Filipinos, I use to attend there but I've just moved to Casa Grande.:roll
  3. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    Hi Kristy, where are you in AZ? Welcome kabayan!!!
  4. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    What will become of our country? The Filipino masses never really learn their lesson from Erap, actually they love Erap so much that they will give full support to FPJ. You're right FPJ is a nice guy but there's alot of doubts in his ability to run the country.
  5. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    Karen, just to make feel better, when I took the NCLEX, it stopped after 75 questions and I passed. Anyway good luck tomorrow.
  6. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    Hey Ugly that's a good one, that's one punch line we cannot translate...
  7. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    Kung sa starting salary naman depende sa years of experience nyo. Para sa newly grads, usually 17 - 19/hr. Nakakahiya mang sabihin na mababa pero okey narin considering na maliit lang naman ang gastos mo dito kumpara sa ibang state. Mag-overtime ka man dito, di mo naman masyadong ramdam yung TAX. I originally came from Florida then moved here in AZ this year pero thinking about going back to FL someday dahil sobrang init dito, pwede mag-fry ng itlog sa kalsada pag-summer.:chuckle
  8. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    Congrats Okiks! Kaillan ang dating mo? Actually di pa ako nakarating ng Tucson, I live in Casa Grande which is 1 hour and a half drive to Tucson if you are cruising at a speed of 80 miles/hr (130 kms/hr). They say it's alot better to live in Tucson than Phoenix, the weather is less hot during the summer. Napaka-init bro dito sa Arizona pag-summer, magugustuhan mo dito kung ayaw mo sa sobrang lamig. Mababa lang ang cost of living kaya madali ka makabili ng bahay, you are only a few hours drive to Mexico, Texas & New Mexico, kung gusto mo pwede ka ring mag-long drive to California. Keep posted nalang baka mag-meet tayo pag-dating mo.:)
  9. Balagtas

    Central Lines: saline or heparin?

    I had a patient who has a central line and he's allergic to heparin so we only flush with 10 cc NS and it did fine, never had a clot problem. Anyway what we usually do is we flush with 10 cc NS first then 3 cc of heparin.
  10. Balagtas

    Kids in Church

    ha ha ha ha, it just made my day!:roll :roll
  11. Balagtas

    Man Falls Asleep At Church

    :chuckle nice one:roll
  12. Balagtas

    who know!!!

    What is your visa? If you live here what's stopping you from getting your SS? Try applying for your NCLEX at California. They don't require CGFNS.
  13. Balagtas

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    kami naman dito sa desyerto ng Arizona, musta nalang...:stone
  14. Balagtas

    what size syringe is used to flush triple lumen?

    same here, 10 cc or more
  15. Balagtas

    How do you say " I love nursing" in your language?

    This reply may be a little too late but anyway it's... "mahal ko ang maging isang nars", that's in tagalog language.