ICU floating to stepdowns/magnet status


We are a Magnet hospital. When we achieved status years ago, we no longer had to get pulled, except to another icu.

This changed around April this year, and we are getting pulled at least once a week...very stressful for those of us who have been icu for 10, 20+ years to suddenly get thrown into an unfamiliar unit with 4-5 patients, when we've been micromanaging 2 patients for so long.

Does magnet support this, or is it a separate issue? Thx in advance.

MunoRN, RN

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Other than how it affects staff retention and nurse satisfaction, floating policies aren't specifically addressed by Magnet criteria. In general I've never found Magnet status itself to be a reliable predictor of a preferable nursing work environment such as floating policies.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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It has nothing to do with Magnet.

Correlation does not equal.causation.


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My hospital is magnet and we get floated to the floor.

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We are a Magnet hospital. When we achieved status years ago, we no longer had to get pulled, except to another icu..

Magnet does not = anything having to do with floating policies, as the others have stated. For some reason, a manager decided not to allow the ICU nurses to float... then another manager came along and thought it was a bad idea and started to float you... At least this is my guess.


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May I ask what city you work in? That sounds just awful to me. I've worked virtually my entire nursing career in the ICU. I would be totally lost on the med-surg floor. It's a totally different type of focus, a different type of nursing practice. Just as I would not expect those nurses to be able to step into the ICU, I cannot step into their environment simply because I'm trained to work with more critically ill patients. Terrible policy.

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Absolutely nothing to do with Magnet status. Lucky you that never had to float....welcome aboard.