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A bit of history : I withdrew from Med surg a month ago (yes, we have MS in 6 weeks) after i failed 2 tests. It was a hard thing to do because i havent failed a single test in my life but i could not go on anymore (and would have snapped if i did). So after two weeks of positive self-talk and all those relaxation techniques (hey, this works), i decided im not going to quit nursing and enroll for the Psychiatric nursing.

After 2 tests, I got an A!!! Praise God. My finals is on the 16th and im positive i can pass it with flying colors. I already passed my clinicals.

To those of you out there who are struggling, believe me, you can do it too. Nursing is a mind game. Your brain wont work if you have so much clutters in there even if you study so hard. I think you have to study smart. I totally changed my study habits and I was never stressed out.

Goodluck to everyone, i hope this message inspires you .....


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Woohoo! Good for you!



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Could you share your new study habits please? I can stand to study smarter myself. :)

jschut, BSN, RN

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Good job! I know that I had to withdraw this past semester too, but I feel ready to return now.

I think sometimes we just need a break!

I'm glad you discovered you did before you crashed and burned.

:) Julie


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Way to Go Paula !:balloons: :nurse:

live4today, RN

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Great going, Paula! :balloons: Good for you for hanging in there! When life gets tough, "the Tough" SHOULD get tougher! Thumbs up to you! :nurse:


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paula, good for you!


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this study tips worked for me this time...

1) Study when you are relaxed so you can retain more information. before, I forced myself to finish the chapters even if my mind could not process the information. Relax, relax, relax and don't cram. Its not the quantity of time spent but the quality. Also, try to read ahead of time, you can remember the materials better.

2) Focus on the lecture notes and books. Some professors will give a lot of reading materials i.e. artcles in the internet, magazines, periodicals, case studies etc. If you have limited time to study, this will take a big chunk of your time. Articles will help you understand but the notes and books will be the main source of tests.

3) Practice NCLEX questions -- This is the BIGGEST source of help for me. The more you practice NCLEX questions the more confident you are to answer the test questions. I have 4 CD's of NCLEX - Mosby, Springhouse, NCLE3000, and Saunders. They are really really helpful and you'll be surprised some of the actual questions come out in the test.

4) Try to exercise at least 2-3 times a week. I run in the school threadmill for 20 minutes 3x/week. This really help me conrol my stress. I get lazy sometimes but after i ran i feel better and i can study better.

5) Most important, have faith in God and in yourself. I believe that "If God put me here, he will put me through."

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