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I have a weak stomache

by Future_Nurse Future_Nurse (New) New

Hi everyone,

Im not sure if yall remember me or not but I havent posted in a while. Im in 9th grade and got my report card back for the 1st 9 weeks and made AB honor roll. I dont have a good stomache. Im in nursing class at school. Its like if you start when your a freshman then when your a junior they will register you as a CNA and you can go work at the hospital. Im not sure if I want to or not because of the stuff a CNA has to do. Like change diapers, clean up vomit stuff like that. I mean I can watch Trauma life in the ER while eating and watch guts and blood but I dont know if I will be able to handle the stuff that I mentioned.

Love ya,


P.S. My b-day is December 3rd and I will be 15 and I can get my permit that next Monday..............but I dont know how to drive lol

I was like you when I was your age! I got sick at funny smells, the sight of blood (I passed out a couple of times), etc...

Trust me when I tell you that you can get used to anything. Even if you weren't interested in nursing, at some point in your life, you'd probably have pets which eat stuff and throw up and poop on your carpet, you'd probably take care of a baby at some point -- and stuff comes out of just about every orifice except for ears with those little guys.

If smells bother you, dab a little alchol or a little Vick's Vaporub right under (not in) your nostrils and you won't smell anything but that.

The first few times you have to clean up diarrhea or vomit, you may feel pretty yucky. But you do get over it. :)

Congratulations on your great report card!

I'm still a sympathetic vomiter! I can take decubs, wounds, poop etc. but look out when it comes to puke, I think it's the smell. I agree with the vicks, air freshener right on your shirt really does help, although my co workers will tell me to get out of there they don't want to have to clean up 2 messes. Congrats on the honor roll & keep on you'll do fine.

nursemike, ASN, RN

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Way to go on the grades! I used to have a weak stomach, too, but I'm mostly over it. You do get used to a lot of stuff just by being around it. But even a lot of old pro nurses have something they just can't stand. I'm still a nursing student, but I don't know if I'll ever get used to suctioning. Where I work, we help each other out as much as we can--what bothers one might not bother someone else so much. But you do have to "just tough it out" sometimes, too.

Unless things have changed a lot, anyone who can eat school lunch can do anything.

hi future nurse,

i have a dtr. close to your age; she just turned 15.

with all due respect, i DO think that most teens feel that way about bodily fluids or anything else disgusting.

i really wouldn't worry about it now, as i do truly think it's a phase;

and in a few years, if you're still repulsed, then there are other avenues of nsg that don't entail human contact.

best wishes sweetie.



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My cousin is a plastic surgeon. He admits, quite freely, that certain procedures (ie: tummy tucks) STILL make him nauseated and that he HAS vomited during them before! How funny is that??

I can handle vomit. I can handle the poop. I can handle a lot of things...but I will never, ever, ever ever get used to the sound of suctioning out fat during a liposuction!!! That sound is just hideous!!! *chuckling*

You are still young, and things will change...or not. But you will adapt. The want to be in this profession calls for getting used to a LOT of things you wouldn't normally want to get used to. Good job on the grades! I bet you are making your family extremely proud!

At least 7 times a shift I'll have to poke a patient for blood, and if I have someone who gets pain meds via a needle? Add more to that number.

I've been doing this for years, and I'll tell ya, I still cringe, look away and feel a little woozy whenever I see someone getting jabbed with a needle on TV or in the movies. :chuckle I can do it to someone, or watch my co-workers do it, and never blink an eye, so apparently I have to have my scope and badge with me for courage!

So if you can handle watching Trauma on TV, you'll most likely do great! Remember that facing your fears often is the best treatment to conquer them!

lovingtheunloved, ASN, RN

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Actually, being a CNA will get you used to the gross. I can clean up enema results and then go eat refried beans for lunch. Sputum still makes me cringe a little though. But I can eat and talk about sputum, no problem!

First, way to go on the grades. Second, you sound like you have a serious interest in nursing and I hope you continue to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the profession. Nursing has so much to offer and is a great avenue to pursue as a career. As far as the smells :coollook: Yes the smells can be overwhelming at first, but the need to not embarrass the patient is often more powerful and the gag reflex gets overruled! But if you still need additional power to resist the urge to vomit, you can always try a little Vicks under your nose! And also remember, after you have been in the hospital a while you can then turn all those smells into a game called "name that smell" or "guess what they had for dinner" which also make great party games!

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Gross stuff comes with the territory, and knowing and admitting you have a little of the ebbie geebies is great insight! I can handle anything, except eyes! I mean it...give me stuff that makes paramedics faint and I can handle it...have me do eye drops and I about drop! LOL! Silly I know, but oh well!

The trick is, you really do get use to it. I find that in situations that are gross, I change my own mindset! I think "I can do something to make them more comfortable!" and that seems to help...focusing on being helpful instead of EWWWWW!

One day in RN school, we had a man with a 'bed sore' that was from his rear to his shoulders! Horrid thing...and oh man did it smell bad! I had to help hold this man while a nurse changed his dressings and my nose was right there! Oh I still get shivers! But I just thought to myself "if I don't help, who will...I am helping so much by just doing this!" That seemed to help me out (and thinking that the smell was just poop instead of bad tissue). Two out of the three RN students fainted at first sight/smell, but me...I just kept on thinking in my mind "I am helping, I am helping...".

You do get use to it over time, but helping to overcome the ebbie geebies with good thoughts seems to really help me out! Try it with something gross next time you see it...like dog poop or something...instead of thinking "grossssssssss!", think..."well I don't want to step in this, or have someone else step in this..I can help!" Turn a negative into a positive...and trust me, good practice for other things in life that aren't so much fun either ;)

Good luck, and keep on being insightful! Good job!!!!!!!

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