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I want to rant.


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I just want to rant. I don't care much about the negative comments, the "oh poor you" pity party, or the suck it up stuff I will probably receive from more experienced nurses. That I can expect to receive. Let's be real: nurses are hard on others. Sometimes they mean to be loving in the best way that they know, or through harshness, or through tough love. Othert times they are just mean.

I have been a nurse since 2014. I have worked in the following areas: pediatric medical foster home, Cardiac ICU, Pre/Post Procedural care, and Cath Lab nurse/tech blend.

I have been recently fired from my job in the cath lab after sleeping through alarms. During COVID-19, I was frustrated, because I thought it was my phone needing fixing - and there was little I could do. No one would be able to fix my phone in these times! What was I to do??

I was so fixated on that. Then I realized after buying a traditional alarm clock, setting my Fit-Bit watch alarm, along with my iPhone alarm, that I realized that I was just sleeping through my alarms , because I was just exhausted... mentally, physically. I was just done. I was on my last straw. And so I was fired.

Along the ride of this: I had to find new housing because one roommate caught the 'COVID crazies' (she had actually convinced herself that I was out to get her, harm her / hurt her). Another housemate lost her job. I successfully found a new place in a highly dense/ metro area within the same day of receiving notice that my roommate no longer wanted to live with me. The incredible people I have in my life have helped me tremendously. Through the grace of God I have wonderful friends. My dad also was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in this COVID time. I could not visit him - it would be unwise. It would not be smart to visit him nor any family members while I worked in a highly dense area / metro hospital - which had also adapted to COVID via reconstructing entire unit floors to receiving COVID positive patients. It has been a scary time.

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These are unprecedented times. Your roommate was not able to deal and simply off the wall.

Being late for work.. will certainly get you canned. For what it's worth.. I knew a charge nurse that was late all the time.. and got fired. She got the right attorney.. got reinstated and 20 thousand bucks to boot.

Surely stinks that critically ill people cannot have visitors. My understanding is you could bring him home to hospice him.

Best wishes in these crazy times.


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Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Will hold good thoughts for you.

Only thing to say is TRY to take care of yourself - eating, sleeping, exercising, personal time off, etc. Easier SAID than DONE, I know. :heartbeat:

And good thoughts for your Dad, too.

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Yes, your life is all kinds of crazy. I am sorry about your dad; I'm certainly wishing him all the best.

As for you - all you can do now is put one foot in front of the other. Hope you've secured new housing and employment by now. Sounds like you have good people in your life. Now just to figure out what you need from yourself to navigate whatever comes next. I second the advice to take especially good care of yourself.

Hang in there; we're pulling for you.

Things will get better. Good luck.