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  1. Wisconsin Nurse Amputated Man's Foot Without Orders

    Just got my Wisconsin license this week. …. Note to self, do not cut off patients foot. seriously though, maybe this nurse had a psychological breakdown of sorts.
  2. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    1) 18 months is grueling. I do not personally support the direct entry MSN model as being good for A) mental health B) safely teaching nursing. 2) The professors were by and far excellent. 3) Milwaukee 4) They have integrated ATI and i...
  3. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I am set to graduate December ‘22. Passed NCLEX, first try, and became licensed November ‘22. Alverno, for all it’s logistical faults, gave me a solid and challenging education.
  4. You forgot one very important thing to look at; the conflict of interests and funding source disclosures. Always know who paid the bill.
  5. 😄 Yup, that’s me today.
  6. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I was letting you know I was being measured in my response because a lot of people online are not. I share their frustrations, but I am also cognizant that some of it was expected. Not all of the treatment we received was excusable. I am being q...
  7. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    Clinicals were never really the issue for me. My instructors were awesome. I’m one of the lucky ones for that. I have lived in the PNW and I have lived on the eastern seaboard. I even lived overseas for years. I’m in love with Wisconsin. You sho...
  8. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    Looking through the sands of time, how much do you think the massive expansion of knowledge due to advances in technology has shaped medical and nursing education? I was struck by the shear volume of information expansion when I would study olde...
  9. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I went part time and fell a semester behind my original cohort when my wife’s pregnancy became very complicated. Everyone I started with who was granted permission to test would have tested this year. They are currently using the ATI green light ...
  10. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    That reflects all programs…. no idea what the numbers are for nursing. Overall they are producing competent nurses. My peers that have remained are all sharp and many from my first cohort already passed NCLEX with little trouble. I have *heard* t...
  11. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    Occasionally we are blessed with a concise PowerPoint or a study guide that lists topics, which may or may not accurately reflect the tests. I did straighterline (which I found excellent, as I actually did all the reading cover to cover) fo...
  12. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    The WI program got better after a rough period of leadership shakeup. The current director of the DEMSN program is a godsend. You will be expected to essentially teach yourself in this program. Very little hand holding. Lectures become progressi...
  13. Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    No. Im almost done with the program as well. Long road. I’m happy to report in my two years here the program has improved markedly.
  14. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    Classes and tests are mostly in person now. Clinical is one day a week semesters 1-3 and bumps up to two days a week starting fourth semester. The education is EXCELLENT, but it’s not for the feint of heart. It is a rigorous program.
  15. Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I strongly agree with your point about NCLEX after the BSN portion. That should be a requirement. I think what’s essentially happened is the first few cohorts had a mix of new program disorganization and Covid related degradation in material delivery...