I want to apologize to my instructor. Please help me.

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I remember all the crap that got flung at my instructors from students during lectures, especially when reviewing a test! One of my instructors actually had a rule that any challenge to a test question would result in that student being asked to leave the class for the day. She said she had this policy after a student berated her over a question they felt they should have gotten right. A lot of students disliked that, but I honestly can understand why she had that policy.

OP, you made your apology to the instructor. None of us are perfect and we all have moments we wish we could take back. As far as making a public apology, I can see it going both ways as far as it being a nice gesture, but I think I would just leave things be how they are at this point and try to move on.

Oh, and please try to make sleep and rest a priority even though it is so hard to do as a student!



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I am late to answer. I have read all replies. Thank you for all this kind advice. That night, I couldn't sleep; full of nightmares. The next day, in the morning, before the first lecture session. I told my instructor about what I did yesterday and I apologized directly. I also apologized to my classmen. Both my instructor and my classmen tried to deny it; "it wasn't because of you" kind, make me feel better. Man, I love them. As you pointed, I didn't mention the pill and I didn't give excuses. Cameron5575, I will heed your words.