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Don't get upset or frustrated because you will need that energy to think about what is best for you. And may I add that ONLY YOU know what's best for you...

Let me tell you what happened to me and why I am so grateful to this board. I was always interested in being a nurse but hated the fact that you had to be on a so long waiting list. I decided to go for the LPN and got accepted waited about 6 months from the time I applied (supposed to start next June). But I found this site and I have been so amazed of how much I didn't know about nursing. Needless to say after much posting and getting all the information I needed from everywhere I could possibly imagine I decided that LPN is not for me. I have applied and got accepted at a BSN program and will start in the fall. It's going to take me 3 years (and only because I have most of my liberal and pre-req classes) I'm still missing Chem and A&P but I won't be on a waiting list because those are the only classes that I'm missing and thank God for me the Dean will let me enter the program as soon as I finish those classes (he put it in writting too... lol).

Now I swear to you If I didn't come across this board I would have still be interested in the LPN not knowing that I had a better shot at going for my BSN.

Needless to say that we are only trying to let you know what's out there and the different options that you have. But at the end YOU make the decision.

I'm 28 and I have a 2 year old son. My husband has a stable job. I'm going to school full time. That means no shopping for me for the next 3 years ahead and I will have to sacrifice alot. But that's what I want. And i hope in the end it will be worth it.

Hope you get in the program that you want... Keep us posted!


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It is possible, in the United States, that if the need becomes desperate, hospitals will again offer the 3-year Diploma program and recruit their experienced RNs in concert with school instructors to be part of the educational program.

Somewhere there must be a web site with a database of hospital diploma programs?


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One of the women in my class lives 3.5 hours away and commutes to school. She is 37 years old with 2 children and a husband. Granted our classes are only 2 evenings a week, but perhaps you can check into part-time school or whatever.

It all depends on your priorities. If you really want something, you will find a way to work it out. I offered this information of the gal commuting so far a distance because obtaining this degree is something that she really wants, therefore, trying to illustrate that anything is possible.


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Originally posted by Cindy/Canada

Here's a long story in a short way...

I signed up for the LPN course here in Saskatchewan about 2 weeks ago.

I found out that I was NOT starting school when I was first told I was. They are taking either the top EIGHT or the first EIGHT..

E I G H T ...thats it!!!! EIGHT !!!

I thought there was a shortage....or there is a shortage coming to nursing.

Needlessd to say...It will take me YEARS to be a LPN. Since I am 37 years old....maybe I will be retired by the time I fullfill my drea

I cried soooooooo hard. I am sooooooo mad. I wanted to wait until my kids where old enough so I could totally "give it my all" when I returned to school and the work force...and I got my dream slammed. I just don't understand any of this.

PLEASE see below. I am sorry to have errored in editing, technical difficulties on my part. The above was written by Cindy NOT spacenurse


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Try a search for private schools. I did that (too many years ago)

There was a VERY LARGE STUDENT LOAN but it was worth it.

I attended my RN program years later while working nights after my kids grew up.

Basically keep trying. The years will pass whether you are on the list, going to school, or doing something else.

Do they give credit for the program you signed up for when in nursing school. I got enough credit for my certified nursing assistant program to call in sick more than the other students.

From an RN, CCRN, BS



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Susy K

I did check into part time or evenings. I think this has all gotten out of control. I will begin my schooling in June as I posted before...I will then begin some courses through distant training.

Spacenurse..great idea..but no private schools anywhere near here. Thanks for the thoughts though.

Your right...it depends on my priorities and if I really want it I can find a way. >>> MY priorities are with my family. I have a daughter that seizures everyday and I'm not about to leave that priority up to someone else to handle. I have 3 more children besides her, one being a three year old. My priorities lay with them as I am their mom and I'm not about to impose on others to run them around town monday through Friday so that I can attend school out of town. I have a husband that works very hard and I don't want to give him more grief in a day by me not being here for a week at a time.I really want to go back to school and I have found a way....it will take me longer and that's okay too.


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Dear Cindy,

It really hasn't gotten out of control. I'm sure you've realized by now that the posters here are just brainstorming, trying to help you think of options so you can achieve your goals sooner. No one's going to be offended if you can't or don't take their advice; they just want to help if possible.

It looks as if you have a good plan--taking the Special Aide/Homecare course and as many other courses as you can through distance learning and getting on the waiting list--so now you just work the plan! And too, sometimes things that look very solid in our lives change--for example, your husband's great job might one day mean a transfer to another area where there is a university--so keeping your options open and being ready for whatever comes is a Good Thing (and it certainly looks as if that's what you're doing.)

Good luck!



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Here in Phoenix, about 4 years ago, you had to be the cream of the crop to get into the ADN programs here. There are 5-6 comm. colleges that offer that. Now it's first come, first serve.. Thing is same number of schools, same number of students, increasing number of patients.

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