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Here's a long story in a short way...

I signed up for the LPN course here in Saskatchewan about 2 weeks ago. I was told all I needed was to have my grade twelve transcripts ready for when they send me out the application...so I could send everthing in at the same time.

Yesterday I called them to say I received my marks...and to find out when my application form was coming so I could send everything in.

I found out that I was NOT starting school when I was first told I was. I was told that over 50 people where on this waiting list...and then there was the 75 left over from last years class that didn't get in. They are taking either the top EIGHT or the first EIGHT...I have 3 diffent stories now.

E I G H T ...thats it!!!! EIGHT !!!

I thought there was a shortage....or there is a shortage coming to nursing.

Needlessd to say...It will take me YEARS to be a LPN. Since I am 37 years old....maybe I will be retired by the time I fullfill my dream.

I signed up for the special aid course. It is NOT what I want but I figure it's better than sitting on my fanny waiting for everyone to fix this darn mess.

I cried soooooooo hard. I am sooooooo mad. I wanted to wait until my kids where old enough so I could totally "give it my all" when I returned to school and the work force...and I got my dream slammed. I just don't understand any of this.

I was also told that many people...over 100...have taken 3 large modules of the LPN course through distance training. They are still waiting to get into the course to finish it off....the lab and hands-on stuff...there they sit...after paying out LOTS of money...oh my gawd...how sad is that!!

Soooooo....not sure if I even belong to this board anymore becasue I'm not sure if I will EVER be a nurse.

Warm sad hugs....Cin:o


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even if they could take all the people that applied, there still wouldn't be enough nurses. when i was waiting to get into school, there was a 3-4 year wait. there is still some a waiting period at some schools, but a lot less schools now also. i know in my area, many schools shut down, because of expense and lack of enrollment. there are currently some schools here, where nursing enrollment is down by as much as 60%.

just wait, and stay on the list, and it will happen before you know it!

chin up! :D

me :)


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Cindy, I'm so sorry!! Are there other schools nearby that you could try? In my area I have 2 Jr. Colleges that are very close commutes and at least 2 more that are a bit more of a drive. Maybe you could check out another school? Just please don't give up...it wouldn't be fair to yourself!! Are there pre-requisites you could do in the interim? Maybe you could just get your pre-req's out of the way while your on the waiting list? Just some suggestions...I wish you luck and hope everything turns out well for you!



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My school is the same way. They only take 16 out of the hundreds that have applied. There is no waiting list though. They go by the scores on the NLN entrance exam. I was lucky and scored pretty high. I will be starting clinicals this fall & all of my pre-req. will be completed by the end of summer. Did you ask how their selection process works. Maybe there are ways to get your name to the top of the list. Good luck!


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This is the only place near me that carries the course. The two larger cities have waiting lists into the years...sad!! I was going to take a few courses by distance training BUT since I found out EVERYONE that has done this is as stuck as I am...even worse since they paid out so much money. Get this...for those that have taken 3 large portions of the course...they still have to pay full price if they EVER get in to finish it...even though they have paid for these certain parts of their schooling already! *yikes*

I was told that over 100 people have taken courses to "get them on their way"..and now they can't get in to finish their schooling.



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Yep..I asked....and I wish there was an exam. They have been taking "first come first served"..BUT...now they are thinking of taking the eight highest marks from grade tweleve. I only can pray that they switch it to an exam....that will be the only way I will ever have a chance to get in.



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Is there any chance you could travel to a place in Canada or US where you could go to school? I have said this before, Pittsburgh has a plethora of BSN, ADN, Diploma and LPN schools. Almost no waiting time.


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I wish there was a way. I am married with 4 kids. My youngest is 3. I also have a daughter with extreme health problems. There is no way I can move somewhere for a year. I did however, have things totally set up at home so that I could attend school on a fulltime basis and was totally looking forward to it.

I start my special aid course in june. It's better than nothing I guess until our provence finds a way to figure out this mess. In the mean time I will study my anatomy, medical terms...and anything else I can get my hands on JUST IN CASE I ever do get a shot at it!

warm hugs..cin

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the school i went to ,told me there was a waiting list to, they said 6 people were ahead of me. so everyday i call to see if some one drop out and on the last day of the first week, 4 people drop out' so they said. i worked very hard to get caught up. i'm 38 now, and a rn, was married at 16, had a child at 17, and my husband was killed when i was 18,had drop out of high school. i decided to go back to school to be a nurse, at 31. it took a few years to do it, but i made it with the help of my family, and God. so don't ever give up on your dreams, i always say things that come hard to us are things worth holding onto. i love nursing, the best thing about it is when you make your pt smile, or have time to listen to their back when i was young stories. good luck!


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My dear:

the shortage is not about he number of people comming into nursing. It never really has been. schools are full and some have waiting lists the problem is the faculty.

the national league of nursing who is the acrediting body has mandated that there be 1 instructor for each 12 students. however there is a shortage of nursing faculty and thus they can only except so many students.

Why is there a shortage of nursing faculty? becaue the pay is the worst at the university. you can make about 20000 more working as a nurse than you can by teaching it.

this is where the real problem is, no I am not faculty.



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Go ahead with your special aid course. Learn as much as you can, about patient assessment, etc. Does your college only have one LPN class a year, or are there others? I would stop by the Allied Health Office at the college, and get acquainted with the Secretary and anyone else who works in the office. Find out from them the hows and whys of what is going on. After all, they are the ones who send the letters, etc.

Do not be totally discouraged. When they get to calling folks on their waiting list(s), many will probably have had to fond something else to do, and thus, will not be eligible. Once you know the people in the Allied Health office, stop in or give them a call, every now and then. That way they will remember who you are.

Also, take Medical Terminology, Psychology, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Developmental Psych while you are waiting. Those classes, plus your experience as an aide will put you light years ahead of everyone else when you finally are accepted.

Good luck, and never give up your Dream!!!


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Yeah, go for the first aid course. Get an AHA BLS health care provideer certificate. If the school accepts courses from a local junior college, go and get rid of all the possible electives: A&P, nutrition, growth & development, etc. Wouldn't hurt to take micro, chem, psychology, allegbra etc. while you wait. The electives usually let you concentrate on your nursing classes and the others usually makes your nursing classes easier. The voc. tech school where I used to work gave credit for having a CNA license too.:cool:

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