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I don't think I can do this...


Hi everyone,

Pre-nursing student here on my last semester before I apply in February 2015. I just completed my first week of the semester and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I don't think I can do this. I know people say you need the right attitude but that is easier said then done. I want to be a nurse so badly I would do anything. I have the passion for the healthcare field. My mother is currently waiting for a heart transplant and that experience when she first became sick, finding out about the transplant, etc. is what strengthened my passion.

I'm currently taking microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and will pick up into to nursing (1.5 credits online) in October.

I don't know what it is. I feel I'm not smart enough. I eked anyone's help, advice, etc. thanks in advance.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, sarahjeanleach:

I'm sorry to read what you and your mom and family are going through; I cannot imagine being in that situation, it must be very rough. Yet, you can reach your dreams because attitude matters the most. You are smart enough. You didn't mention if the A&P is 1 or 2. Microbiology with A&P is easier if you mastered A&P1 (it's still hard to take those two classes at once). Part of avoiding being overwhelmed is planning. I found https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/how-get-any-846733.html to be extremely helpful for all classes I've taken to date. In terms of charting out study time, for the core sciences (A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology) what I do is treat lab and lecture as two separate three credit classes (this is just for the purposes of allocating study time). While the general rule of thumb is two hours of study for ever credit hour of class, I adjust this to 3 to 4 hours of study per credit (treating the lab and lecture separate). That way you heavily invest in those classes as they are often key to preparing you for success in nursing. https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/p-help-my-334360.html is a helpful resource for A&P. I also recommend the Facebook group, "Simple Nursing For Nursing Students" (while Mike advertises his program, you don't have to buy anything. There's lots of students sharing information freely) in addition to this site (my goto site; people here are fantastic).

As you have questions, do participate in class and ask questions. If your thought process is incorrect, class participation will help it be correct. If your thought process is on target, class participation will strengthen that thought process. If your school has a learning center, model room, tutors, etc. then use them; they are there for your benefit.

Thank you.

rob4546, ADN, BSN, MSN

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" I want to be a nurse so badly I would do anything."

Seems like you already understand what it takes, you just don't realize it. What is said above is quoted from your post. To accomplish this you will need to do what it takes. You will survive and with the previous posters comments you will be able to thrive assuming you have the correct attitude......

Good luck, and believe in yourself.

If I can do it, so can you! God will give you the strength, you just have to do the rest. Don't give up on your dreams, believe me I wanted to so many times, when I became homeless, when I didn't have enough money to eat. But I built myself back up, and I'm not going to stop until I become an RN!

I personally didn't take micro, anatomy, and physio all at once because I spread it out. But since you have it together prepare yourself for a lot of reading and studying. Seems like you're really committed to doing your best. I think it is possible to take them and get through it. Staying ontop of your schedule will be really important ,you can't fall behind. if you don't have a voice recorder please get a good one it will be your BFF for having really detailed notes.

Good luck on your courses. :laugh: You can do this!

Natasha, CNA, LVN

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"My mom is currently waiting for a heart transplant....finding out about the transplant is what strengthened my passion"

I agree. Just knowing how you can be a huge help for you're mom at this time, should motivate you even more. Everything you are taught in relation to your mom's health will not only help you understand your mom better but also help you see the big picture and connection of why nursing school is revelant and important to help people like your mother. You will say to yourself in lectures and clincials "I see what why mom is like this and why her heart functions this way,etc"

Also, what I suggest is print out some encouragement quotes/scriptures and put them front a center in your notebook, around your study area and read those motivation quotes and recite them to yourself. Hang in there.:)

I'm also taking all three sciences in one semester and understand wht you're going through. Each science class is five weeks long. I start school Tuesday and already did a self assestment on what's my learning style, strategies how to study smarter in short amount of time and how to write lecture notes.

PM if you want to chat about it.

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Those two classes are very time consuming. You're also going through a personal experience that would stress anyone out. You say you have the drive for it, and that you want it. People who want things make things happen, and I'm sure you will too.

Thank you SO much to everyone. I Am having a hard time with time management I believe. I'm a bit behind already but I hope

To get caught up this week.

The encouraging words everyone has said meant so much to me. Thank you again so deeply...

I've also questioned myself wondering if I'm smart enough. I need to get past that.

You can do it!!! I think we all feel overwhelmed at times. I never knew what i wanted to study after high school and now 10 yrs later and 2 kids under the age of 4 I am back at it and hopefully will be applying for spring 14 (RN program). Currently taking microbio as well. Take a deep breath, you arent alone!! You CAN do it!! :) best of luck!

I think everyone has that doubt at least once. Again, if you want it, you'll prove to yourself that you're smart enough.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Excellent advice from PPs... but I just wanted to add a thought. As you accompany your mom through various healthcare environments, be sure to note all the other disciplines that also contribute to her care. They may not be as visible as nurses, but they are there. If it turns out that nursing is not for you, you may want to investigate one of those other 'helper' disciplines that are not so science & math heavy.

Best wishes on your educational pathway.... and give your Mom a big old hug for us AN'ers.

Thank you everyone so much from the bottom of my heart