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  1. I don't know how to study

    This sounds like a silly question. I'm embarrassed to ask but if I don't then I'm hurting myself. I have my first exam for anatomy and physiology on Monday. Looking at the big pile of printed power points in front of me. I I realized don't know how t...
  2. Please, anyone help! Pre-nursing student

    Hi everyone, I've posted in here before and I need anyone's help or advice. I'm begging PLEASE I'm so discouraged. I am currently taking A&P along with pathogenic microbiology. I've been crying multiple times every day on the verge of a nervous ...
  3. I don't think I can do this...

    Thank you everyone so much from the bottom of my heart
  4. I don't think I can do this...

    Thank you SO much to everyone. I Am having a hard time with time management I believe. I'm a bit behind already but I hope To get caught up this week. The encouraging words everyone has said meant so much to me. Thank you again so deeply... I've also...
  5. I don't think I can do this...

    Hi everyone, Pre-nursing student here on my last semester before I apply in February 2015. I just completed my first week of the semester and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I don't think I can do this. I know people say you need the right attitude but that i...
  6. MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    It was one of the things listed for admission. There's literally tons of times all throughout the fall semester many times a month! Look at the Macomb calendar on the website.
  7. MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    I think attending one is a requirement for admission to the program...look at your admission packet.
  8. MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    I never knew this about oakland? Is their program twice per year??
  9. Where and when do you study?

    I thought it would be fun to post 1. Where do you study? (Home office, in bed, school, library, etc, and WHY? Can you only focus In a library? Would you never get anything done if you were in the living room with the distraction of the tv??, etc) I...
  10. post your fall class schedule

    Microbiology + lab (6 contact hours) A&P + lab (7 contact hours) Intro to nursing (1.5 credits) I don't feel as crazy with my schedule...with almost everyone else taking harder class loads reinforces to myself that I can do it!!!!
  11. MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    By the way does anyone know what the so called nursing school/clinical schedule is at MCC? Do we get to schedule our own times? Does it all vary or is it consistent? I'm trying to find out in order to determine whether I'll be able to keep my job, or...
  12. Day in the life of a nursing student??

    I know all programs are different it was just out of curiosity. I'm wondering for long term (applying this fall- acceptance would be in April) if I will eventually have to quit my job for nursing school. It is 2-6:30 M-F and not flexible on time at a...
  13. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    Thank you!
  14. Day in the life of a nursing student??

    Hi everyone, For the current nursing students out There...can you go through a typical day of what times you are where?? Also wanted to know, is anyone a nursing student while also working?? Do you have set times you work? Does nursing school allow y...
  15. MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    Thank you!!!!! So helpful