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I have a question...


I've written about unfair treatment at my LTC facility and I really don't recall writing about anything else, really. This is just going too far, now. I just got a call, on my day off, from the ADON, who is an RN, from a hospital, that's never worked in this kind've environment before, yet who knows it ALL. She informed me that a resident eloped, last night, and that I'm REQUIRED to go in, on my day off, to take a test on elopement. She asked me what time I'd be able to go in and DEMANDED an exact time that she'd be expecting me. Does she have the right to tell DEMAND I go in to take this test? I've taken multiple in-services on elopement risks, interventions, who to contact, the protocols, etc. I really feel like the administrators are "playing house" and are merely wielding power, at this point.

Do they have the right to INSIST that we go in on our days off, for stupid, unnecessary "testing." Now, I work 3p-7a, tomorrow, but I'm REQUIRED to go into work BY NOON, to take this "test."

at least in some states more than 16 hours in 24 isnt legal.....and since this is mandatory that should count as work time.....and frankly i dont think they can do this, but they can always fire you if you dont, i suppose.....but i wouldnt be doing it....i would be asleep...lol.... i think this is bullying....also they are trying to cover their collective butts, trying to prove that the nec education has been done.....maybe the records were lost?

Ummm they can require mand inservices with notice but I would make my self unavailable to them and just go in at my regular time. You can take the test then


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did you sign something when you went to work at this facility in regards to mandatory? if not i would contact your union rep and see what your rights are. if you did not sign anything i don't believe they legally can require that you come in.

but my question... if they patient has already eloped what's the risk in waiting until you were scheduled to be back at work to take all there competencies??? were they expecting another elopement? and even if they were between now and the time you went back to work is surely would not have been because of you, you were off duty. just my :twocents:

I never answer the phone. I let them leave a message and if its really important and I FEEL like it, I will call back. If not, I pretend I never got it. They will take advantage if you let them. I work weekends only for a reason, they know I won't come in during the week unless I want to, even for meetings. Hey, I can read, send me an e-mail or I can read the meeting minutes or take the test online. We do have lives outside the job. I would go this time, but FYI in future don't answer phone.. Good luck.

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One of the many reasons when my caller ID says the hospital I DONT ANSWER. I will listen to the voice mail and return the call if I need to. If you arent scheduled, dont answer the phone. How can you HAVE to come in-if you didnt get the message in time?

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OK, not trying to sound dumb, but what is elopement??

Elopement is when a resident exits the facility without supervision/permission. My facility is weird. I think that legalities are a little funky. We have a resident that is completely lucid, on o2 but knows to remove it from her person before wheeling outside to smoke, but broke the rules by smoking at a non-scheduled time, and was "grounded" from smoking for 2 weeks, as punishment. As for the going in, on my off-day, to take this "test," I didn't go in. I'm going in when my shift is scheduled to start. I never signed a contract saying that I would drop everything in my personal life to go in for ANYTHING, other than my scheduled shifts. They'll be seeing me at 3. I was 1st shift, senior nurse on my Skilled Care Unit, was promoted to Desk Nurse, and was ousted when they hired an RN to replace me. They had me train her for 2 months, assuming I didn't realize that I was training my replacement. I bit the bullet and stepped down gracefully, by giving my notice to quit. They BEGGED me to stay on PRN so I vowed never to work 7-3 again. I took a 2 dollar pay raise and get a $4 shift differential....never worked a first shift since. I've gone back to full time (for benefits) but I'll still never work Administrator Hours ever again. I can't stand being given more responsibility and stress, for less money, plus, I never have to be there when the poop hits the fan, State Surveyers come in, Doctors come in and give a billion orders, and the residents are off the chain. Works well for me. I take my entrance exams for the Bridge Program on the 29th of May for my RN and once I get my degree, in a year, I'm going to be on a level playing field with the ADON and DON so I really won't have to worry about their power trips because they'll know that I'm employable ANYWHERE and I won't have to settle for their demands and bullhockey.

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Thanks for the info, I had never heard that one before.

Good luck with your education. I am trying to finish up a few classes so I can get into a LPN-BSN program too. I agree, it sucks to do so much work and not get paid what you are worth.

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Morale of the story is that caller ID is a MUST! :D The other morning, my best friend called me (forgetting to call on her cell rather than the facility number). I did NOT answer it! She left a message, I called her cell and reminded her that if she ever wanted to reach me that calling from the job is not a wise thing. I avoid so much crap that way.

I agree, go this time because you don't want to look bad, but that would be the last time those folks catch me...the nerve of them!

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