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  1. daniedi77

    Applicants to Baylor

    Good Luck to everyone!!!! I am a senior @ Baylor and I was also a transfer student who applied for the fall semester. I remember waiting to hear, I actually found out I was accepted on the Baylor website before I got my letter. My class had about 90ish students in it, the spring semester had around 60. Don't worry!!!
  2. I feel like everybody has goals and where they are at in their particular goal is of no mind to me. Pre-Nursing, Nursing........whatevs. IMHO, the real claim to fame is passing the boards. You can be a pre-nursing waiting on acceptance or finishing up pre-reqs, nursing student trying like hell to pass and graduate, a graduate waiting to take boards, OR a graduate who has failed boards and is studying like crazy to take again and pass. Don't sweat the small stuff, everybody already has enough stuff to worry about. I'm about to start my senior year (in NS) and I just ready to get out. I remember what it was like at the beginning and after awhile you look back and see how much you have accomplished and can't wait til you get to the finish line. Good luck to everybodies dreams and goals ( PRE and POST) :)
  3. daniedi77

    Prescription narcotics or benzodiazepines while working?

    Not all medication effects everyone the same. I take 1 mg xanax PRN and I am not altered in anyway and able to function in all my duties. The key thing is the first time you use it make sure you are at home and see how it affects you. I am also prescribed muscle relaxers and pain meds due to severe tension headaches all which do not impair me mentally or physically. I am on my feet for 12 hrs moving , lifting and bending over (which I shouldn't do, I know I need to raise the bed, but for the sake of time, I bend. Talk with your doctor, start on a low dosage and go from there. Anxiety is real and can lead to more serious problems. Talk to your Doc!!!! Good Luck :)
  4. daniedi77

    2 year student to 3 year student

    Yes, I have been in the same type of situation. But let me just say that you need a STRONG foundation in Patho. It is a huge part of nursing. I know it sucks but if nursing is where your heart is, just press on. You can still be friends with these people you have built NS relationships with. It's not about friends, its about you completing your nursing degree. Repeating a class with only HELP you become a stronger nurse. Keep your head up!!!!! Keep your eye on the finish line!!!!
  5. daniedi77

    tell me about L&D/PP clinicals

    Well, I just finished my OB rotation and all I can say is that I tolerated it. I was lucky enough to be in a large county hospital that had many L&D units (high-risk, Low-risk, private). It also is one of the few hospitals in the country that has a Women's emergency room, which I loved!!!! I was able to do Soo many things. It made up for the boringness of PP. L&D wasnt so bad because my facility delivers over 100 babies a day, so everybody had vaginal and C-section births. You will either like it or not. The majority of it is teaching. It is what you make of it, so make yourself available to do as much as possible. I went to discharge classes, newborn classes, birthing classes. I put in foley's, IV's, drew blood, so make yourself available!!!!! It's the only way you will make it or be bored!! Good Luck!
  6. daniedi77

    Are my NET test scores any good?

    I would still call an ask what is a competitive score. I wont hurt,,, Good luck!
  7. daniedi77


    Okay, i'll tell ya right now an save you money an headache. ALWAYS take the 2400/Bio classes. MANY of the SCIT classes DO NOT transfer to university!!!!!!! It is the same class. If your just going for ADN, still take 2400 classes in case you want to go forward to a BSN program. Many a person found out the hard way and had to take repeat it with the 2400 course num... I attended DCCCD before nursing FYI
  8. daniedi77

    What to do??

    Make an appt. with a nursing admissions coun. bring an unoffical transcrpt and he, or she will be able to tell you which classes can be applied to that particular program
  9. daniedi77

    I Love Science Classes- But...

    You dont have to be perfect, you just need a strong foundation. With each science class, you build upon which you have learned previously. I made B's in all science classes, except Chem, made a C. I am a senior now about to start my third semester in nursing school and I have done just fine.. Dont worry, dont be intimidated.
  10. I was accepted before i WAS FINISHED WITH MY PRE-REQS. I believe i had five classes left.Chem, alg., stat, span 1 &2. I completed them all except span 2 before I started the first semester. Im a senior now, tow semester left, I still have to do the 2nd span.
  11. daniedi77

    Are my NET test scores any good?

    The best answer will be from the admission office. I called after I took the Net and asked what they considered competitive scores.
  12. daniedi77

    Micro and A&P 2 together?

    I did both, wasn't that bad. Alot of it goes hand in hand.
  13. daniedi77


    Soooo sad but true...
  14. daniedi77


    LOL. I don't think it makes a difference, people don't practice it!!!!! But for accuracy sake "My Bad".
  15. daniedi77

    Bathing Classmates and Other Personal Boundaries?

    I just wanted to add that no one can make you do something you are uncomfortable with. With that being said, don't let rumors scare you. Talk to the instructor. Like I stated earlier, we did do bed baths on each other, BUT, that entailed washing arms, legs, face and back. No pericare. Sure there were some people that were uncomfortable, but it was still very private. Two people, gowns, sheets, and the curtain pulled. I was an older student in a group of girls under 21. My patner turned red as a tomato during her turn. At the end of the semester everybody was running around naked!! It's hilarious, classmates talk about there bowel movements and periods. You will become very close to some of these people. I felt like I lived with all of them at the end. Just take a step at a time and feel the situation out for yourself and make a decision about what your willing to do.:)
  16. daniedi77


    You know what I mean.