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I peed my pants


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VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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This gave me a coughing fit that ALMOST caused me to void in my own drawers........Too funny!!!!!:rotfl:

Love it!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll


:roll :roll :roll

Sable's mom

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OMG toooo funny, thanks I needed the laugh!


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That is freaking HILARIOUS and so true! I laughed SO LOUD I woke up my husband. Thank you for posting that!

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Thanks for linking this. I found the stories so fascinating, :eek: I printed them out to include with a Christmas gift for my best friend (RN) who does not have internet access.

Thanks again.

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So who wants to start a "things I learned from my patients" thread here on THIS forum? Or do we already have one that I just haven't found yet?

This is absolutely priceless!!!

It's a good thing it's a...dare I say it!?!...less than busy day in our ER...I was able to read a good many of these.

Fortunately no one paid much attention to my maniacal laughter

Happy Holidays to All

I'm so proud to call Las Vegas home!!!:lol2:


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LOL! Wonderful site. I needed that. :chuckle

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I absolutely Loooooooved the one posted by Scrubbs.

The woman with the kidney pain?:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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You made my sleepless night! :roll

Did you know that if you can't sleep because your stupid cold is making you cough so much, you can take Robitussin PM. It will stop your cough but make you wide awake. :eek:


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These are really funny!:chuckle I love this thread.

:roll :roll :roll :roll

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