I Passed!!!!

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I did it! I got the letter in the mail today! I was shaking so bad I cold barely open it. I am sooo relieved! I want to thank everyone who told me not to worry and made me feel better. Thank you!Now does anyone know how long before I get the actual license?

I am a nurse WHHOOAOAOAOOAH!!!

Way to go BurgerRN,

Glad that you kept us posted and good luck with your nursing career!!! It should anywhere from one week to a month to get your license, at least that is the way it was in Va and Ct for me.

Have a great weekend! Again Congradulations :D :D :D


CONGRATULATIONS, RN!!!!! Welcome to nursing, and may you have many happy trails in your new career:D :D :D


Live as if you will die tomorrow, but learn as if you will live forever

~Mahatma Gandhi

May God have mercy on your career. Congratulations and good luck!:cool:

Congrats and Welcome to the most elite group of caregivers you will ever meet!!! party on!!!! PS it took 4 weeks for the actual license to come to me.

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Congrats! Warmest welcome to our profession. If possible, have someone video tape you today, show your letter and talk about your feelings. Pull out that tape when things have you down.

I've kept all the notes received from patients over the years. When I'm in a rut, or in overload, I pull out my file and read them...best pick me up in the world. Karen

Way to go. Congratulations. Good luck with your new career.:)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And welcome aboard. It is so neat to see all of you brand new LICENSED NURSES as excited about this as we were once. And we welcome you because you may be caring for us "older folks" someday. NrsKarenRN has some good advice (as usual); so find someone to videotape you and go at it!!! I wish someone could have done that to me back when I found out I passed my boards; I still remember how it felt to get that letter in the mail!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Isn't it the best feeling in the world?

About the actual license, go to your state board of nursing web site and do a search under licenses, your name and license number should pop up. I haven't received anything in the mail at all yet, but the BON had my name and license number on their site. I printed it out and gave it to my manager, and she changed my status to RN with just that.

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome aboard:D ;)

Congratulations! I'm happy for you. May you experience success in your career.

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