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  1. WayneRN

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    mickylynn969, I must confess that, while I am still here, I am not currently working in occupational health nursing. My position was phased out in favor of (cheaper?) EMT coverage in the on-site clinic and consolidation of operations and management to an office located 182 miles from here. However, I would go back in a heartbeat. My most recent activity has been in nephrology as a peritoneal dialysis nurse. You have been blessed. WayneRN
  2. WayneRN

    Davita Acute job

    Gongratz to OP!
  3. WayneRN

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    This is to everyone! Just to let you know, I posted the original post in 2001. I was in OH Nursing for five years, but I had resign my previous position due to personal reasons. Now, I am a Dialysis Nurse in a Peritoneal Dialysis outpatient clinic and have been there for two years. I really enjoyed OH Nursing and I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! WayneRN
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  5. WayneRN

    Dealing w/ contract Staff (scrubsinthewasher)

    This reply is also to scrubsinthewasher, Scrubs, This is just to let you know how our system was set up so that you might be able to take something from it to use. If not, I apologize in advance for wasting your time. At the coal-fired power plant that I worked at, the EMT's on site were actually employees of the power plant in other capacities. Some were mechanics, electricians, wharehouse personnel, administrative assistants and more. Each was a volunteer firefighter/EMT for the all-volunteer Emergency Response Team. Each carried special radios/pagers so that they could hear the tones and instructions over the internal emergency medical response system. Now, all of the medical, nursing, and EMS oversight functions were contracted out to a provider. My boss was also the occ. med. provider for the plant and the medical director for the EMT's. The Emergency Response Team had a coordinator that they elected from among their own ranks, but they reported directly to their medical director, which was also my boss. Anytime I had a problem with an EMT, I simply reported it to my boss, and they took care of it. If the EMT's had a problem with me, they did the same. Each of us had our own sets of protocols/policies&procedures. The EMT's were responsible for first response out in the plant, and for pre-hospital care. These area's are really outside of the expertise of a nurse, so I was very glad for their presence. My relationship with the EMT's was more of a collaborative one than one of supervisor/supervisee, the later which seems to have a built in antagonistic component. Can you restructure so that the EMT's report directly to their medical director? Anyway, I wish you good luck in finding a solution to your problem. WayneRN
  6. WayneRN

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    scrubsinthewasher, This is Wayne. I'm not currently employed in Occupational Health at this time, but I'll be glad to share with you anything that I might have learned from my 4 years in on-site OH nursing. Although, I had more questions when I quit OH nursing than I did when I started. BTW, am looking for work in Northwest New Mexico. If you have any good leads, send me a PM.
  7. WayneRN

    Is Chemistry That Important??

    rafael, If you will remember that chemistry is not really a science course so much as it is an exercise in applied algebra, you should do okay. WayneRN
  8. WayneRN

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    Thanks for the information, Deb. WayneRN
  9. WayneRN

    How many OHN's are on these board?

    Nice to have you join us. I enjoyed AAOHN, too. However, my employer wouldn't ante up for the membership fee for the last two years, so I let it go. They have a wealth of information though. WayneRN
  10. WayneRN

    Cheating In School

    When I was going to school for my ADN, we had one instructor that was a gass! She taught our A&P classes. She told everyone in the class that we could use one double sided 8 & 1/2" X 11" cheat sheet for each test. We could write anything that we wanted to on the sheet, copy from the book, diagram anatomy, lecture notes, whatever. We could write as small as we wanted in order to fit as much information on the page as possible. And we could refer to this cheat sheet during the test. Well... She was wise like a fox. By the time we took the trouble to look everything up, read it to determine if it was important or not, made our notes on what was important and transposed it in very small print to our cheat sheet--We knew the information so well that very rarely did you ever catch anyone even referencing their well-prepared cheat sheet! What brilliance! WayneV
  11. Thanks for posting these tips.
  12. WayneRN

    Spirometry Question

    Thanks for your input. I finally did get training. :)
  13. PS: NO insecurities here! Just never desired to subject myself to the punishment of hospital nursing. WayneRN
  14. I haven't worked in a hospital. I've done LTC, oncology, rehab, and now occupational health. WayneRN
  15. WayneRN

    New! Chat room testing

    I just get a blank gray area with nothing. However, I'm logging in from the network at work so they may have done something on the network to disable chat. Is that possible? WayneRN
  16. WayneRN

    Is this possible?

    jessjoy, Do, or at least try, whatever it is that you really want to do. If you don't try, you'll go through the rest of your life wondering, "What if.....?" Everyone told me that there was no way that I could work effectively in outpatient oncology right out of the nursing program. But I did it anyway, and I loved every minute of it! I'd rather go through life having tried and failed, than to have never tried.