I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't begin to tell you what a relief this is! I was surprised to see my "unofficial" results up at the Pearson website, but there it was this morning. I was at my parent's house and I woke everyone up in the house to tell them I passed. Let me tell you I don't think my sister's boyfriend was too happy but OH WELL!!!!

Thanks to everyone for listening to my worrying these past couple days and congrats to all who passed!!!!




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I am so excited for you and I don't even know you:) I take my boards on Aug. 4. Do you feel the test was really hard?


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Well yes and no. I really think I prepared well for this test, and I don't think it begins to test your book knowledge. Most of my questions were prioritizing, delegating, and nutrition discharge instructions. I did have questions directed towards throidectomy's, cushings and addisons disease, celiac disease but most were the ones above. I also seem to remember alot of my questions directed towards pediatrics. I think I only had on OB question. I had 3 of the new format questions also, 2 math and one where you choose all of the answers that apply. I hope this helps. Good Luck!



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I had a celiac disease question, too. Lot's of prioritization questions. No new format type questions, though.

Congrats Sara!!!!!!

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Congratulations on passing!! I hope you did a little happy dance for yourself. And don't worry about waking everyone up, they need to just deal. :)

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Congorats to YOU, Miss Sara R.N. !

So VERY happy for you ! Now do sth. really NICE for yourself and just savor the feeling for awhile ! ;)


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YAY!!!! Congratulations! my questions were all prioritizing as well! Lots of management type questions!

But hey we made it through!!!!!!!


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Yeah, me too!


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Sorry for above...I hit enter by mistake! What I meant was Yeah, me too!

Congratulations to you!


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Glad 2 hear the great news. I'll b taking my boards a

@ the end of July. Hope 2 B an RN 2!!!


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Congrats, Sara RN!!!!!!! :balloons:

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