I passed my nclex first time

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I'm so so excited. I passed my NCLEX exam.Thank God it is over..:yeah::nurse::up:. This site helped me too because I gained knowledge and insight too from all of you.Thank GOD and thank you all so much.:)

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Congrats Katie! Good luck with your new career! :up:


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congratulations! i just can't wait to post the same thing on here! all i see is people saying, yey i passed, and i can't help it but to get jealous!! (the good kind), slowly but surely, i'll get there!


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Good job! Now quit wasting your time online & go get a job! :lol_hitti


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Awesome!Good for you, I hope to be another first-time passer in two years:heartbeat:nurse::heartbeat

Is the nclex really difficult


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Congratulations and best of luck in your nursing career!


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congratulations katie


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I'm sure you'll pass too.Then we can all rejoice. Once you get over nerves(if you have it), it will be peachy from there.GOODLUCK AND GOD BLESS


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Hahah, will do.LOL


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I don't understand what you mean.But I wish you goodluck & success.:)

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