what to do if I need pre-reqs?

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Hi!! I graduated with my BA in 2005. I've since realized what I knew all along...I should have gone in to nursing. I live in Brooklyn and want to go to Nursing school. I need to get a BSN b/c I will eventually move back to Europe. (I have dual-citizenship and have spent all of my life moving from one side of the world to the other! :wink2: ) Anyway...I NEED to go to nursing school ASAP. I am looking at a program at NYU that stretches the program by about a year (total 2.5 yrs plus summer) and lets you get the pre-reqs that way. However, I am worried what I'd do if I don't get in to that program since it's hard to get in to. Where and/or how would I get my pre-reqs, and still get student loans? I didn't (luckily) have many from my first undergrad, plus after this year I will get an AmeriCorps stipend of about 4k to cover school stuff. At a community college to get the pre-reqs that would cover tuition, but not my living. I would be willing to work part-time (or nearly full-time) and go to school...I've done it before, I'll do it again...but I'd like to spend as much time on my studies as possible, and would therefore prefer loans over too much work. I was informed by a school in indiana that if i'm not degree seeking (which i wouldn't be if I'm just taking pre-reqs) then i would not be eligible for ANY loans...no private school loans or ANY KIND OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AT ALL...is that true? If so, what other options are there for me to get the loans? I will have NY residency by August...which is when I need to start taking classes.

You can get your pre-reqs at any school, just make sure the school you choose is one from which the nursing school will allow you to transfer credits.

Well, depending on if money is a factor for you or not, you might consider University of Rochester. Downside: 45K in tuition Upsides: only 5 pre-reqs and they transfer in 70ish credits from your previous degree and you are done with a BSN in one year. Might make sense when you run the cost-benefit analysis of being in school and not working as opposed to paying a high amount in tuition now, but getting into the workforce sooner. They are also very competitive GPA wise, so that might be another factor.



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Are you sure you can't get loans taking pre-reqs? Many schools let you choose "prenursing" as your major while taking prereqs

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I was once in your shoes...I ended up taking pre-req classes at 4 different universities! Look at community colleges for bargains.....I got my chemistry/child development/nutrition/A&P out of the way for a fraction of what a 4 year school cost per credit and it all transferred.

I foudn that once I had my initial 4 year degree, aid completely dried up. I hope your experience will be better.

thanks everyone! I'm thinking a community college would be best because it is much cheaper...unless I get in to the program at NYU. As for the loans...I'm still waiting to hear back from schools. They are not very quick on replying...(sigh)...but I wouldn't mind taking out loans to get my pre-req courses out of the way. Anybody know FOR SURE whether loans are a yes or a no?? The Rochester school seems great...and I'd be done fast...but I'm in NYC and would prefer to stay here. I have a great CHEAP place in Brooklyn and I don't want to lose it.

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