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I need help, I just graduated my bachelor's degree in nursing and I'm preparing myself for the examination. My problem is that - I can't take care of the sick. As I read my books and understand nursing and understand myself, I look back to where the situations stated in those books similar to mine. I have this psychological problem of seeing sick people, I hate sickness and agonies. I can't tolerate to see people lying on their beds and nearly dying. As I have experienced in my family, everytime there was a sick member in the house, I leave the house until that person got well. I don't want to see my mom sick, my brother and everybody...

What shall I do...?


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How sad is the life of a troll...

Yea me either... when I'm at home, I feel terrible to see those people who are sick in bed, or being attended in E.R for gunshot or stab. However, when I am in the hospital, I want nothing, but to attend to them, take care of them and tend to their needs. I never have such issues. Then, put it this way if you really can't stand sick people. Take care of your sick mother or relatives as if you are their only hope of recovering. You've got no choice, but to care for them. Would you rather let a loved one suffer? Now, if you are a real nurse, you have to and got to take care of the sick no matter how sickening the feeling is. As with the practice that you usually get out of the house when sum1 is sick, listen: There's always a first time to everything. Geddit? Cheers!!!!!!!

I personally don't feel comfortable caring for sick people who I love because its hard for me to seperate it (being a nurse vs being a mom etc), if that makes sense. However, I have no problem taking care of sick patients. Big difference to me and hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it. If you've really made it this far through school etc. I would give it a chance and if its truly not for you (entirely possible) then use your degree in a way that doesn't involve patient care. Its possible just difficult.


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Have you thought about nursing education? This would require a masters in ed, but as we are well aware there is a huge demand for nursing professors.

Oh H____L no! Anyone (troll!) who can't do nursing should absolutely not be teaching!

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I think a lot of people on allnurses don't really understand the definition of an internet troll. I read another thread recently where a young man was called a troll for being worried about his immature mates thinking he was gay for getting into nursing, which definately was NOT trolling.


I don't find the post to be aggressive, irrelevant or offtopic. I don't think this person is aiming for an angered response. I must admit that I'm struggling to understand why anyone in their right mind would go into nursing if they can't handle caring for sick people, I mean it's fundemental to the profession. It would be interesting if the OP could step forward and explain their reasons for getting into nursing....

Im just a student nurse by now... graduating for that fact. it is right, it is more difficult to see somebody close to you lying on the bed weak , ill looking and raggedly crused by a disease... however we need to face the professional experience. i am on my forth year, 1 sem to go and we will be taking our local board examination... but as far as the way, we already have been exposed to different clinical areas with unfortunate patients loosing their breaths - it was during our ICU duty... to this matter, i'm not saying that the team did not do well because someone expired... but we must face it that it is not a controlled phenomena... we in the medical field does the job to get the patient out of a dreadful case or disease situation but we end up there... and of course, POST MORTEM.

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its hard for me to believe this is a real post.

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I thought you had to have "X" number of posts before starting a new thread.

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no one deserves to be bashed for their thoughts.

many people assume nursing will be easier once they get out of school. hospital employment is caring of the sickest patients, most would have been in icu 15 years ago.

look at areas of wellness employment: public health, clinics, medical spas, healthcare education, pharmaceutical sales for positions.

nursing career websites: discover types nursing positions or career alternatives

only you can decide what in your best interest-- lots of options in healthcare.

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