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Have you considered PRN vs. Part time? I recently worked in Day Surgery and that is GREAT for days - no weekends no holidays - nice environment! Also they LOVE to have PRN people because their schedule can fluctuate so much. Our unit was always busy on Thur and Fri and they loved PRN's to fill in one or two days.

I would also recommend that you go to the hospital you want and give, email or send postal mail your resume and tell them "I want these hours, etc. based on my resume, what am I qualified for?" It has worked for me every time. As someone said, often the job postings online aren't up to date with what they really have.

One other thing to consider is how long you have been out. Many states require a refresher course if you have been out so many years. Check with your local BNE to see what the requirements are. FYI You can find links to all the BNE's from http://www.web-nurse.com

Good luck to you! I hope the best for you!! :)


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actually maybe with the kids and the car situation if Hubby works days it would be better for you to work part time nights. Kiddies would be in be bed and not a real prob for hubby and the care woud be available as long as it would be possible to return before he needs to leave in the am.

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I live near Peoria, IL and have done some agency work in Chicago. In fact, did quite a bit of research recently about the Joliet area, because hubby was looking at a job there. Consider St. Joe's in Joliet - they looked very good and I have a personal recommendation from a friend that it is a very good hospital. I worked at Loyola (I'm an ER RN) and they are very busy - they do a lot of agency staffing too. The agency I was working for (2001) paid $56.00/hour for 3 pm to 3 am shift - so it was worth my time to drive 2 hours. Good luck.


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SmilingBluEyes, where do you live? I live in Seattle, right in the city, so I hardly ever use my car.

SnowymtnRN, as others have suggested, what about doing registry nursing or going PRN? That will give you a lot of flexibility plus more money than you'd make having a staff job. I worked agency/PRN for my entire nursing career, save for the first year I was out of school. I never lacked for work, made more money, and was in complete charge of my own schedule.


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Well i've thought about agency, but it seems most of the agencies around here want 1 year of experience as an RN. I worked as a LVN for 7 years, then as a RN for 6 mths before i had my first son. After that i did some scattered shifts, and nothing was working out for his daycare (both DH and i were working nights, and couldn't find anybody to watch him and our bosses never could satisfy our schedules so that we were off on opposite days) and i finally quit. So i don't THINK that anyone will hire me for an agency until i have worked a little longer. KWIM? ALthough day surgery sounds like a possibility........i may give that a shot. I'm working on my resume. If i can get what they say is that "magic year" then i'd TOTALLY do agency then.

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Hello have you tried our own website for "Nursing Jobs" here's a start in the right direction http://www.careersbyweb.com/go.asp?id=0NZPS Hope this helps. Please also realise that these constraints you mention "Not enough Experience" can now work for you instead of against. And that experience as an LVN counts for you, not agaist you.:)


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Honestly i've not tried that website, but i will give it a shot. I guess the worst thing they can do is say no right? lol I'm taking from the website that this is agency work?


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Snowy, I have found that many times hospitals will only advertise nite shifts coz that's what they need filled the most, and like someone else said, many times what is in the paper is out of date. My hospital has a "mother's hours" PRN pool just for people like you, maybe one of the hospitals there has something like that. And don't let that "magic year of experience" bother you; tell HR just what you told us. 7 years as an LVN means a lot! There will be some one out there that is willing to work with you! Good luck, and let us know what you find!


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ok you guys have inspired me. LOL i'm working on my resume, which in my humble opinion is pretty impressive i think! For what i've done as a LVN and as a RN......but like i said 2 years outta the loop isn't good. lol I would RATHER work ER like i said, but if i have to go to m/s or something, that's ok too. I'm not a snob or super picky or anything! lol

I have to thank everyone tho, i don't get much time to post on this board these days, but i always try to read and keep up. I want to stay in the loop and this is my "adult non kid oriented" conversation. LOL Thanks so much for making me feel worthwhile in my quest! (((HUGS)))

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