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I just feel so down today, knowing the almost may nursing classmates passed their boards. And I am one of the few who didn't. :( now I am trying my best to study hard and pass the board the next time around, yet I feel like I'm so behind with the rest. :( I just need an encouragement right now.

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I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass. Don't get down on yourself, though. The world will do that enough...you don't have to. My roommate in college failed his boards 3 times before passing on the fourth. He now has an excellent job in a surgical/trauma ICU. You will pass...just be persistent and keep seeking support. My wife also got passed up for two jobs before being hired after the third interview, so persistance pays! I wish you all the best.

You will pass this. I know exactly how you feel. All my nursing friends has their license and i don't. I am hoping that I will get mine Tuesday. Just pray about it. God will help you through this. Just keep studying and be persistent. You can do this!

Aww, girl I know just what you are feeling. I was next to last person in my class to take boards. I was so down too. I put it off for so long and thought I didnt pass for days. Keep trying, you will pass boards too. Try not to compare yourself to others. Eventually you will all be in the same place and have jobs by next year. What always helped me was reading about other people who took boards more than once and passed. I flagged those threads and read them when i felt down.

You are not alone.. the comments above are really great! Don't be too hard on yourself. Relax or meditate before you study because a stress mind wont absorb much. Goodluck to us.. I take mine again next month.

take some time off, relax then go back to studying. you will pass the boards it doesnt matter how many times you take it. i have seen so many excellent nurses out there.

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