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Well hello, hello, hello. Let me give you my story. Graduated in December 09, Got ATT in February, to NCLEX at the end of March, passed, started looking for jobs in April. I am a RN, no calls or interviews from hospitals except to tell me to stop applying for positions I didn't qualify for. Got fed up started applying to nursing homes. Voila interviews attended the ones I could. Next thing I knew in May I had 2 jobs (1 non nursing), in June I had 2 jobs,and by July I had 3, and now I may have 0-.5????.........

Job #1. I interview for fulltime but they gave me prn :( . I went through orientation in june, worked one day in July, get calls from them regularly but at this time can't go.

Job #2. Once again interviewed for ft got a prn position. Same thing 5 days of orientation in june. Haven't been back they told me if I did not respond to this letter by september 1st they would have to let me go. I didn't respond to the letter by september 1st.

Job #3 Finally a ft job. I got this job at the end of june started in July been there since. I hate it and I am not going to make it a year,two years, ot three years at this place.I have put in my two weeks notice on September 3rd.

My question is should I list any of these jobs on my resume or just act like it didn't happen? I would prefer not to list 1 and 2 since I never really worked except 1 day. But people are telling me not to list 3 either. I had a transition job (from college to nursing for about 4mos) but once i got a nursing job I was out of there. If I don't list certain things I just feel like it looks like I haven't been doing anything since june work wise. Any suggestions or tips?

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Yikes! I understand your dilemma. I really don't know what to say.

Personally I would stick with job #3 for a bit longer because of the shortage of jobs out there. But that is your own choice.

On a resume, I don't think I would mention #1 and #2, but I would feel like I have to mention Job #3

I would rescind my two weeks notice at job #3.

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You're in an almost untenable position. If you apply for another job, you can't say you haven't been working; that would be a lie which would be quickly found out on background/credit checks. You really must at least list job #3 if you are going to leave and apply for another job. You can always say it didn't work out. If you don't list jobs #1 and 2 and you wind up getting questioned about them, you can always say they didn't call you back for more work so you didn't consider them actual positions.

If there is any way you could put up with your current position, I would recommend you do it until you get another job. The market is so tight right now. You may be looking a long time before you find another time, and these days, a job is a job. Unless you are confident you can go for an extended period of time unemployed, I would think long and hard about leaving. You are in the beginning process of building your career. Don't start off on a bad note.

^^^^well I like your response. I have thought long and hard and I just can not tolerate this place. For some ppl taking care of 38-46 ppl in the norm but it is just too much for me right now.

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I understand completely about not being able to take care of that many patients, I was a LVN and worked LTC for 5 months and had on average everyday at least 38-45 patients to medicate and to do wound care on about half of them. I just graduated and passed RN NCLEX in July and had one interview and its not even really hands on patient care which is what I want. I agree with the other responses I would rescind my two week notice, unless you can afford to be with out a job, because the job market for new grads is not very bright at this time. But if working there is too much for you then for your sake and the patients sake then quit. Do what you feel is right for you. I wish you good luck.

List your priorities in life. If your health, and overall wellbeing is more important than needing the $, then walk once your two weeks is up. I wouldn't list job 1 or 2 on resume, but you should list job #3. When you accept your next job offer, be sure as to what the offer is (FT vs PRN)! Maybe you would be happier in Home Health, with one to one care, but typically less per hour.

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FYI - part of the employment screening for any facility that participates in Federal reimbursement (Medicare or Medicaid) has to include background checks. This process includes a check on your SSN - which will uncovery any employers that paid you and deducted FICA. Soooo - pretty much all of your past jobs will surface unless you were working as an independent contractor paid in cash.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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