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About a week ago I complained and made a big to do about being happy as "just" an LPN, not going on to become an RN, staying at my job at an LTC forever...on and on.

The day I ranted, I thought I missed a chance to take a microbiology class at Clackamas Community college. It's so cool, it's all online, you use a lab kit at home to do the lab work, etc. Since it is online and 4 credits to boot, it seemed so perfect. (I work the night shift.)

I applied, but I thought I hadn't made into the class, I thought it was full, they only take about 20 students, even though it is online. Today I got a letter stating I'm enrolled in the class and how to get started at the end of March. Monday, I go to the college to pay my tuition and fees. Later this week we can pick up the lab kit. I feel like a door has been open for me and the universe has approved my wish to become and RN. I didn't realize how much I want this.

Happy day! :nurse:


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Congrats from an LPN almost finished with a distance RN program! Although I took Micro in a traditional school, I loved that course! Out of curiosity, how do you incubate your cultures? Do you take them in to the school?

Good luck, and keep plugging on- it's worth it!

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Congrats!!! :balloons:


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I'm not sure how they incubate the cultures as yet. :confused: I have to go to CCC this week to pick up the lab kit. The instructor will explain it all at that time. Sounds interesting. Actually this is a traditional community college. They also have Microbiology on campus. This class has become so popular at CCC that it's hard to get a spot and it is accepted by the colleges in the area, because it has the lab. You just have to be disciplined. CCC also has an excellent nursing program. Yet, I plan to go to a community college which has the LPN to RN program. I'm so excited and happy. :roll:

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Congrats - there is no such thing as "just an LPN" - we are all nurses, just different levels. Glad you got in!


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I do love being an LPN, I love my job and where I work. Being a LPN is a great job and one I have learned so much from. But, I do many duties which RNs get paid more for doing. I do IV's, IV starts, etc, because I'm IV certified. I guess, I'm just not ready to stop learning as yet and I want to become a NP someday. For me being an LPN is a great first step to becoming eventally an NP. As an LPN I discovered a true passion for nursing. It's a great feeling to know what you really want...finally at 52 years old. :)


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JUst a note on distance ED. If you run into that situation again (class full or just can't get in) look at CCCOnline. I plan to do Micro in the fall (A&P 2 this summer) and the classes are completely online. The A&P 1 class I did had all the labs online also and I think the Micro class is the same way.

Anyway, Congrats and good luck. I'm looking at moving to your area (Clark county) soon.l

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Oh! Good for you! I know the feeling!


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Good for you!!

And I agree - no one should ever feel like they are a "lesser" nurse or "just" and LPN - just as there are all different kinds of people, there are different kinds of nurses. They are ALL in great demand, and an important asset to the healthcare industry.

For those that have taken Micro and A&P online through CCC, who did you talk to at your school to see if the credits will transfer? And do you have to sign up through another school in order to register for those classes? I've been thinking about doing this. I'm entering an RN program this fall, and plan on taking A&P in the early summer session (probably not at the school I will go to though, but just get the credits transferred. The school I will probably choose is about $650 per CREDIT, so I want to cut expenses where I can.), but I'd like to take A&P2 right after A&P1.

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