I don't like being a nurse..Please help


I feel like I am forcing myself to work as an RN and I hate it. The ratio of taking care of 8 patients, the long hours, constant rushing and high stress is not cutting it. I thought nursing would be centered on the patient, but since ratios are so high in my county, its impossible and unsafe to take care of that many people at one time. So im stuck in a dilemma. Im getting to the point where I hate the person I am, cause im starting not to care about what I do as a nurse. If I get things done, I get it done. If not, oh well. My sensitivity for the patients has decreased and my anxiety increased. This job is demanding and I dont think its fair to my patients to have me as a nurse. So what can I do? If I terminate my contract, I owe the hospital 10 grand for breaking it. Im stuck. Someone please help me.

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Sounds like you're starting to suffer from burnout. Is it possible to transfer to another unit in the hospital? You'd be able to change your environment and hopefully not break your contract. Sometimes, that little change can be enough to make the biggest difference. I used to work evening shift, then transferred to days, and while the job still has its issues, I feel like I'm a lot better off in the burnout area.

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I respectfully beg to differ with the title of your post - You probably still love nursing. . . its your JOB that you hate. I agree with PP; move into another area/environment if you can. There area still some areas where you can get more patient contact, but these may not pay as much. Have you considered Home Care or Hospice?

I agree with the others...I dont think its nursing you have a problem with, its your job/unit you are working on. See about transferring to another unit or a change in what shift you work may help too

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I also agree...sounds like your unit is causing you the problem, not the nursing profession itself! See if you can transfer to another unit at your hospital so that you don't have to break your contract.

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Check with your policy and procedure, you might be able to move to a different unit after 6 months. I was lucky in 2004 I signed a 2 year contract for $6,000. Another hospital bought me out. It was funny because most liked the nice hospital I was at, I loved the excitement and culture of the University Hospital I moved too. Then when I found ER, I knew I was "Home!" You gotta dig around and find your niche, sounds like your hearts in the right place anyway:)

I was NOT an adrenaline junkie like some, I was terrified of the ED. I thought I would be a Unit ICU, CCU, or CVR RN but I was bored to death. I don't know why Trauma ED and Pediatric ER clicked with me, so you never know what you'll like(like mom said), until you try it;)


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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately my contract states I have to stay on my unit for a year before I can transfer somewhere else. Guess I have to bite the bullet until August. I have thought about transferring to the ER. A friend of mine works there and loves it. Also thought about pediatrics or maternity. I guess time will tell, just have to stay strong