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I am 11 weeks in to my orientation, with 4 to go. I go to nights, the shift I will be working, next week.

I cannot believe how much I have learned in the last three months. Feels like more than what I learned in four years of nursing school combined.

Yesterday, one of my patients was on nimbex, ativan and morphine drips, with BIS and train of four monitoring. It was a first for me. GREAT learning experience. Last week I took care of a CVVH patient, which is one to one, and loved it.

I have two preceptors, and they are phenomenal. I could not have asked for better. They have made me think critically, and are wonderful support on days when I just felt stupid. How is orientation going for everyone else? I hope everyone else is having an orientation as great as mine. :)

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So glad to read this. Best of luck to you in your continued success :)

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Glad to hear about this and that you're loving it. That's wonderful. I have one more year of school myself so I'm looking forward to it. Keep up the good work! :)

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I hear ya! I've been told a couple of times that I'm in the "Honeymoon Stage". I still love it and learn so much every day. I keep waiting for the shift that is going to take me out of this "stage". My preceptor has been awesome! I start 3rd shift tomorrow night. This should be interesting. I've never really willingly stayed up all night. Wish me luck! :wink2:

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I'm glad for you!! I'm still feeling quite stupid. But hopefully, in the next several weeks and months things may get better. It sounds like you're doing really well!! :) :)

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Hi! Glad your orientation is going well for you! :) That's awesome. I just finished my 2nd week & have 10 more weeks of orientation left on my med/surg floor. I felt somewhat down yesterday cuz I was being hard on myself...I'm trying not to be impatient with my progress. I have to say I've learned soooooo much in the past two weeks. You're right: it's already almost more than I knew in nursing school! I have very helpful preceptors (although I've had 6 of them -a bit too many)who are great at helping me out with what I don't know. I love being a nurse & now next week i'll be up to taking care of 3 patients on my own! :) woo-hoo! :) Wish me luck. Oh & today I had my first patient with THREE chest tubes! Can you believe it?! Plus he had a morphine PCA pump, a heparin drip, LR running, & a foley. I spent all day trying to resemble an acrobat-I didn't want to knock over anything! But boy was that a good learning experience. :)


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Hey, that's great. I think that preceptors can make or break your initial experience. I already told one of the nurses that I work with that come two years down the road, I want her to be my preceptor. She loves what she does and is a great teacher.

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