I am so happy! I just have to tell everyone . . .

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Whoot!!! The whole month of August I get the night shift!!! It has been the shift that I have been asking to have for 3 months now!!! Yay! Bye Bye evening shift (only for a little while :( ). I'm just so happy about this! I had to share.

Now I FINALLY get a shift that accomodatesmy sleep habits. I sleep so good after doing a night shift.

I better pinch myself to mae sure this isn't a great dream!

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Well then, if it makes you happy, then I'm happy for you!



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Glad for you Mandi. I know when I worked 5 8hr pm shifts per week I really felt like all I did was work, and I couldn't get to sleep until about 4-5 am after my shifts. Then I worked a few weeks of nights to cover for someone and I slept really well.

Of course after several years of 12hr nights I had had it w/ nights, LOL!

Good luck!


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Sweet dreams!!!!!!!!


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good for you! enjoy!


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Way cool! I LOOOVE the night shift!

Enjoy. . . and remember to safe guard you sleep! :)


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I love night shift, glad you are finally sleeping.

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Way to go there Mandi girl! Congratulations! You sound just like my oldest daughter. She's a night owl too, and usually works all night, and goes to bed around 4 to 5 AM.:) It'd kill me!:p

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