I got a scholarship!

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I was so surprised! When I filled out the FAFSA, they all but laughed at me. So I figured there was no way I would get any scholarships, but I got one! It's for $1000.

EVERYTHING about schooling and getting into the nursing program has come together perfectly for me. It's like it was just meant to be. This is just the icing on the cake.

Anyway, wanted to share. I also just took my Bio final this morning, so I have two weeks of blissful nothing before jumping into a busy summer session (my sister and I are going to take a weekend trip to Vegas).


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lol.. do tell, please wise one... where did you find this scholarship??? :)

I want one... give me one... c'mon.. share now... :chuckle For real, though, congrats.. I'm glad it's came together for you.


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That is AWESOME!!! I applied for ALL of the scholarships I was eligible for but they just met about it lasy Weds so I am anxiously waiting!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Free money is ALWAYS appreciated!!!

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lol.. do tell, please wise one... where did you find this scholarship??? :)

It was through my school. Sorry! :) I just filled out an application online back in February that makes you eligible for all the scholarships the school and community offer. I sort of forgot about it until I got this letter today.

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Congrats Klone, that's great news! :)


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Congratulations!!!!! That's wonderful news...money, money, money, money.......money!!!....lol


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Congrats! Best of luck to you!

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Congrats!! :)

z's playa

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Awesome. I just got accepted here in Canada and we got a 1000.00 scholarship automatically if our marks were high enough. WE, are geniuses you and I !

Good luck!


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Yay! Cool :balloons:

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