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You are such a nice person, I just wanted you to know that I got a new job. I was so sad when I was fired a couple of weeks ago, and I remember your posts to me. I went to work for an agency. Guess who my patients are? 4 month old twins!!!!!:) A boy and a girl. They were premies, they are both on apnea monitors. Boy has reflux and is on 1/16 lpm o2. Other than the apnea monitor the girl is doing just fine. The mom just went back to work. She made me smile this morning before she left for work, she told me, "I would hire you on my own if I could afford you!" Also, I did high tech peds homecare for quite a few years. The other night my son made me smile. He said, " Mom, you are a nurse, a caregiver, not a paper pusher. Maybe someone was trying to let you know where you were needed the most." :nurse: . Hope things are ok for you. Thanks to all who posted to me when I needed you. I got by with the help of my friends on all nurses.

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That is great news! Wow on the little ones. I have never cared for infants other than my own LOL. Good luck and you sound happy about your new job!



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Just wanted to say congrats to you!!!

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I always say: Even if you don't know it at the time...everything happens for a reason.

Way to go!

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Realnurse how is your new job going? renerian

Realnurse, Hope things are still going well. Let us hear from you.


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Congrats to you and the twins, they're lucky to have you.


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