I Got My Very First Nursing Job!

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New grad here, graduating at the end of next month. I just wanted to talk about this where people understand- I'm so happy and proud. After feeling like I'd never be smart enough to be a nurse, I am now two years later accepting a job offer at the largest Emergency Department in my state!

I have always wanted to do critical care nursing, and after precepting in an ER, I fell in love. I was initially disheartened because my first choice ER didn't respond to my application. I was, however, delighted when I got multiple interviews from other hospitals, including this one that hired me. After some great (though nerve-wracking) interviews at various places , I got offered a position at a Level 1 Trauma Center ER that I thought would never accept me. I'm so excited.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! I'm eager to learn 🙂


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Yay, Congrats!! No specific advice, just go in ready to learn. Maybe keep a small pocket notebook to keep quick notes in...passwords, codes for door entry, etc.  Good Luck!

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Congrats and good luck on your first job! It's an exciting time for you. Also, just remember to keep an open mind at all times. In the ER, you'll see so much

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Congratulations on your new job! 

Learn all you can during your preceptorship period. Continue to ask questions when you aren't sure or in doubt. 

Good luck!