Jordan Nacalaban BSN, RN

MS,Cardiac,Post-Trauma Surgical,Ortho,PACU/Preop


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Jordan Nacalaban has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MS,Cardiac,Post-Trauma Surgical,Ortho,PACU/Preop.

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  1. Sleep for nurses may not be optimal these days. With the current healthcare standing and nursing shortage, nurses may find themselves in distress, burnout, and face sleeping issues. When we experience significant stress in our nursing jobs, lack...
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    'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #1 | Nurses Month

    "... and welcome to your shift. I'm out."
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    Understanding Myocarditis: Causes | Diagnosis | Symptoms | Treatment

    Thank you!
  4. Myocarditis is an inflammatory medical condition that affects a person’s heart muscle. When your heart muscles become inflamed, it affects the ability of the heart to function well.1 When inflammation of the heart happens, the muscle becomes enla...
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    I Got My Very First Nursing Job!

    Congratulations on your new job! Learn all you can during your preceptorship period. Continue to ask questions when you aren't sure or in doubt. Good luck!
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    Tips on How to Handle Understaffing and Unsafe Pt Ratios

    Hi Baby Nurse! Congrats on your new job! I can understand your feelings of fear as you start your career as a nurse. It is normal. However, everyone will start somewhere, and beginning as a new nurse will bring plenty of doubts and anxiety. ...
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    Hysteroscopy: A Closer Look

    What | Why | Who To See| How It's Done | Risks and Complications | How to Prepare| What To Expect and Recovery When it comes to women's health, there are several reasons why aches, unexplained symptoms, and changes in the body can affect your da...
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    But I Thought Hospice and Palliative Care Were the Same Thing?

    Clarifying the significant differences between hospice and palliative care is essential in educating patients and caregivers. In addition, highlighting the benefits and indications for each care may encourage understanding of the information being so...
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    Nurse's Role in Health Literacy Improvement among Patients

    Thank you. As nurses, let's embrace the responsibility of educating and promoting health literacy with empathy and support. Cultivating patient-focused healthcare includes helping our patients understand their health information.
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    YOU: A Nurse Writer

    These are fantastic tips for writers! As you said, new ideas/inspirations popped out anytime, anywhere, and whatever we're doing at the moment. So putting or saving those ideas in an easily accessible app or notebook will help us out. I need to...
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    Nurse's Role in Health Literacy Improvement among Patients

    Yes. Thank you for these resources. Creating health materials for persons with limited health literacy requires conscientious effort.
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    Continuing Education Classes

    NurseCE4less is where I get my CEs, for an annual price. Sometimes I go to Nursing CE Central - which has an excellent lineup of CEs.
  13. Every interaction you have with your patient is an opportunity for addressing health literacy. Taking in the role of an educator, nurses can make a significant difference by engaging with the patients who seek their help. The understanding that ...
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    Thanksgiving with My Number One Patient

    She's a trooper. I'm glad she's okay. That will be a story to tell for years to come.
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    What We Take Home

    Your story had me crying while I watched my kids playing nearby. A reminder that patients and families impact the nurses and us to them one way or another. Each side forever changed. Thank you for sharing your story.