I got the good pop-up!!!

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So I took my NCLEX-RN today and did the PVT and got the good pop up:D... hoping it works...:clown:

Good luck with your official results.

thank you! still praying...

congrates you made it.

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WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! :)

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lol... i keep checking to make sure the good pop stil comes up!...i guess i wil be doing that until i get the results!!!!

Gold: Thank you... still waiting for the official thing.

Hope: LOL!!! I have tried a couple of times too! I'm afraid to celebrate just yet... These 48 hours will be the longest ever!

CONGRATS! Just breathe and relax while waiting! You've earned a quiet night! :cheers:


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Special CONGRATS to you RN!!! :)

thank you all for the congrats! still have to see the quick results on Thursday so Im still really nervous a friend told me that the PVT is no always accurate :eek::uhoh3:

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I know this is waaay easier said than done, but please try and stay optimistic. Sure you did just fine. :cool:

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