I Got Accepted to Nursing School!!!


I am so excited, where I live ( MA) it is such a challenge to be accepted to nursing programs! Fall 09 Was full so i start Fall 2010, I can not wait! :)


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Congrats!!!!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah: I can't wait until I can make that announcement! :)


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Congratulations. Is there a higher demand for nurses where you are? I've never heard of being postponed until the next year.


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in california it is postpone even up to 2 years...


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I was accepted into my program last year around January, So I know how you feel having to wait awhile before you can start. This last year has been torture waiting for the time to come and now it's almost here (just a couple months) and i'm nevrous and excited at the same time! It's a wonderful feeling!!!:yeah:


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in california it is postpone even up to 2 years...

Exactly... which is why I am thrilled for a Jan 2010 open seat!


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CONGRATS!!!!! I am hoping for a seat for Fall 2010 myself!!! I won't know til next spring though (in 2010) :(

I am VERY happy for you!!!!!!


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Congrats!!:yeah::clpty:I am happy for you! I was just accepted to my local community collge. I start Fall 2009 in the RN program and I cant wait!:)


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Congrats!! Im so happy for you!!

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