I finally passed NCLEX


Hey allnursing friends,

I am so pleased to share with you my miracle of passing NCLEX for the second time. I took the exam this afternoon at 2pm Eastern time and was out in an hour finishing 75 questions. I used Saunders Comprehensive Review, PDA and Kaplan. Don't lose faith for those who are retaking it. Give yourself at least a month and not much longer than this to prepare, practice deep breathing with prayer and you can do it!!!

If you need advice feel free to write me and I will be happy to do so :)

Thank you all for the love, support, encouragement and most important prayers during this NCLEX journey. God bless you nurses.



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Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you! I take mine next Wednesday!!


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congrats!actually im studying the same materials you using and hopeful to pass my exam too! but im so procrastinate and almost schedule my exam very near to expiration of my ATT .Im tired studying,reading but i want to be more confident to sit to take the exam.this will be second (my last and final!)when i feel exhausted and feel bored i visit all nurses and looking who passed and make me feel good too and inspire!GBY and Im happy to hear that you pass!!!!


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Congratulations! :nurse:


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Congrats :up:

I have a questions

How did you prepare yourself for pharma? I am having hard time remembering all the medications and I was failed in pharma last time so i am worried.How can I get ready for med questions ? what source did you use mainly for meds?


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Hey Indian_rn2b..As for meds...I didn't do anything other than studying the pharm chapters in Saunders and Kaplan pharm questions. I was nervous that I needed to do more for meds but as long as you get the general idea and be able to recognize drug class you should be fine. Don't stress you will get through it.

Ill pray for you FutureRN and Ebony :) Keep doing your part and leave the rest to GOD. there were days were I didn't want to do any studying but do at least 2.5 hours 5 days a week.



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Thanks for replying @Elli

That's what i am doing right now saudners for meds but it seems little too much sometimes.Did you just read em once or did you memorize all the meds?


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I only read through the chapters once and wrote notes while I read. This morning I reviewed my notes through one time. I used Kaplan for pharm too.


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Good Luck with the new Job:)


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Congrats. Nice job:up:



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congrats! GOD BLESS :)


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Thank you all!! It still feels like a dream and I keep doing the Pearson trick and it's showing the "good pop-up" :up: When should I receive my license? Any idea how long it will take to post to the board of nursing? Thanks again...you all rock!! God bless