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I failed my third semester today

by na-na na-na Member

today I failed my third semester. I just took my final exam and did not not get the score needed. :( Where to go on from here?

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What do you mean where do you go? Same place you were going before.

When I am driving to work and get caught in traffic or get stopped at a light I do not just turn around and go home, I push through and trudge on until I achieve my goal. Keep going, jump back into school, achieve your goal.

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You have a few choices...

1. Re-take the course(s) you failed. Pass them the second time around.

2. Attempt to re-enroll in another nursing program.

3. Abandon your aspirations of becoming a nurse.

You have a few choices...

1. Re-take the course(s) you failed. Pass them the second time around.

2. Attempt to re-enroll in another nursing program.

3. Abandon your aspirations of becoming a nurse.

Well, that certainly sums it up succinctly. Says it all. :)

OP, good luck. Use whatever you have already learned to do better next time, whatever you choose.

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That's gotta be rough. Discuss it with you instructor and counselor. I would be focusing on how soon I could retake the classes I still need.

It's going to set you back, but find out where your weak areas are and work on them.

I was doing well in the course. It's the final that ruined me. 80% is passing for us, but I had an 84%. Our final is the HESI exam, I prepared by studying the NCLEX mastery RN app that I installed on my phone. Literally scored the lowest point I could've ever gotten on the HESI. Below 500 is 0 points and I scored below a 500. I might as well have not shown up for the test. I was literally so shock when I got my score that I sat there numb, staring at the screen.I'm still shock, can't believe that that was my score, can't believe I failed, and can't believe I will be repeating the course. I studied so hard for three weeks studying the wrong material, this is why I feel like maybe I won't be able to pass if given a second attempt. I gave it my all, studied for 8-10 hours a day. I barely work, I put all my energy, time, money into school and I'm still not passing.

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Na-na with that drive and determination you will excel the next time around. Those qualities are not taught in school so you are ahead of the game. The best way to save time is to find out from your instructor the areas that need improvement and master them. In the mean time try to get some real world experience which will help your studies tremendously. I am still learning about this thing called life myself :)

Do you have to retake just the course, or do you have to repeat nursing school? If its just the course, then consider yourself lucky, its a small setback. Talk to your professors, figure out a game plan, and handle your business. You made it to third semester, you are meant to be here. Stay strong, keep finding ways to be motivated, and don't give up. The failures make the victory that much sweeter.

I just have to retake OB/PEDS semester. I bought the HESI comprehensive book to get familiar with HESI questions and I'm thinking about buying uworld as well. I plan on doing around 3,000-4000 questions by the time it comes to take my ob/peds HESI as this is what caused me to fail. Just dissappointed because today was the last day of class and the students took their final test today, I talked to my instructor and she said that i can come to class and take the final this way i would end up with a D on my transcript. But I didn't couldn't find the courage to study and got take a test when it wouldn't change the outcome of me failing.

My only other piece of advice is that running questions is the best way to study, but DONT OVER THINK IT!!! If you are doing fine in class and regular exams, you are letting HESI psyc you out. Don't over think it, just really get in the mindset that its no different from another exam, and go with your instincts.

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Are you allowed to retake the semester?

I have known people who failed out of the traditional RN program, earned their LPN, and then completed the LPN to RN bridge. I have also known students who have applied to other schools although this isn't a guarantee (it is funny to hear students ***** about their old schools).