I failed NCLEX-PN 3 times. Call out for help please!!

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I graduated LPN school in May 2006. I took the NCLEX-PN 3 times and I failed all 3 times. It's been 3 years since I've graduated and over year since the last time I took NCLEX-PN. After not passing I felt very discouraged. I think I am ready to try this again but I need advice and encouragement. I really want this. I worked to hard through school to just give up. If anyone can help me or give me advice I would really really appreciate it.


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I feel your pain. I graduated in December 2006. I have failed my boards three times also. I don't know what else to do anymore. I have used the kaplan nclex-pn and exam cram to help me study. I thought I was studying everything but, I guess I was mistaken. Any advice out there????


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Wipe the slate clean in your head. When you devise your study plan, go after it as if you had never tested before, as if this was to be your first test. You might consider a live or online review to get you jump started. Good luck.


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Don't give up. We are in the same boat. I know how you feel. Maybe try the same books I am using. It is called Nursing made insanely easy. It is cheaper on ebay. Some are new and old. These books teach you how to learn in a different way. I do like them and so far is has been easy for me to retain the information. Tiny3 :nurse:


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I failed 3 times already my nclex LPN.i studied exam cram,kaplan book and CDs.But i still didn't make it.can someome give me advice what should i do.I am 199% completed looser..PLZZZZ help me....


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you are NOT a loser!!! i failed nclex-rn my first try and felt the same way....but pick yourself back up and say "I can and WILL do this"....because YOU CAN!!!!! nclex is a very hard test...it does not make you incompetent bc you failed...just have confidence!!! have you tried the hurst review?? i just started it and really like it so far....no lots of people who have passed with it....i was told by everyone to practice, practice, and practice more questions....good luck...dont give up hope for something you dream about doing:)


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i meant know not no :)

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