I failed the NCLEX. Need encouragement. Feeling like a complete failure :'(

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I just paid to view my unnoficial results. I failed the NCLEX. I feel like such a failure. My job is going to be so dissapointed. Everyone is depending on me to pass and become a nurse. I feel so so horrible. I studied for almost 2 months. And I failed. Worst part is I failed after 75 questions. I feel so much pressure because all my friends from nursing school keep texting me to ask if I passed, and now I have to tell them I failed. I think I am the only one so far out of my class who has failed. I am frustrated becuase I studied so hard and nothing that I studied was on that test. Nothing. No lab values, almost no pharm. I had a ton of SATA so I thought maybe I was doing well becuase those are usually hard questions. I feel like I have failed not only myself but my family, friends, and my employer. Don't know what to do. Please help, if anyone has anything they can say that is encouraging or has any advice then please mention it. I just feel so under pressure right now and so so sad. Help please :crying2:

I know how you feel trust me. I am getting ready to sit for the fifth time tomorrow. I am just doing lots of praying. You will do it! Just take a break from studying for a bit. Start back up in a week or so. You will do this!

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Thank you for your response blynn9173. I am praying for both of us. I will pray again tomorrow for when you take the test. You are going to be a wonderful nurse!

dont worry and dont quit try try try until you suceed

What did you use to prepare?

I am sorry to hear that. Take 1 week off or 2 then get back to studying the content (saunders or hurst) then practice critical thinking.

Thank you. I will be praying that God will give you the strength to keep moving forward. I know it is hard, but we need to go ahead and move forward, and keep taking the test till we pass. I will let you know tomorrow when I get my results. I know for a fact that I am horrible at select all that apply questions. I just pray for the best.

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I used NCLEX 4000 and I used questions off the Saunders CD as well. I took the Hurst Review while I was in nursing school.

I found the saunders questions to be way easier than the nclex itself. The hurst is awesome for content and you can have access to the videos for a month for 50 dollars. And the q review questions in there i thought were helpful. I also did vati and i think it helped greatly also. At first i thought it was joke but i still completed it and believe between those two were my greatest tools. If your have trouble with priority delegation and priority questions i def recommend lacharity book cause it really hammers it in. But the key i believe is practicing tons of nclex questions to boost your confidence.

If u can afford it try kaplan online review or just the qbank. Remember nclex is very hard. Nobody is perfect. You will do it the second time. Dont listen to anybody else. Ignore people if u can so u can focus. Read psalm 21..... You are not a failure.....trust me. God bless

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Thank you for your advice and encouragement :) It truly means a lot

Believe me I've been there.,.failed my nclex twice but trying to get back and study even more.,.Prayers can move mountains.,.we need to move on and never give up.,.you're not alone.,.try to relax your mind for few days then start your review again.,.Godbless :))

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