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  1. Hello, anyone in the Goodwin ABSN program?
  2. TEE1978

    Excelsior microbiology

    ThAnk you
  3. TEE1978

    Excelsior microbiology

    Hello, I want to know the best way to study for this exam. Any input will be great. Thank you.
  4. If u can afford it try kaplan online review or just the qbank. Remember nclex is very hard. Nobody is perfect. You will do it the second time. Dont listen to anybody else. Ignore people if u can so u can focus. Read psalm 21..... You are not a failure.....trust me. God bless
  5. TEE1978

    New to forum. Third time taking N-CLEX PN Failed.

    If u can afford it. Try kaplan review course... It helped me pass 4 weeks after graduation. They have payment plan. Good luck
  6. TEE1978

    nclex pn 205 questions.....i think i passed!

    Checked yesterday and my license is on the state board of nursing website...Amen
  7. TEE1978

    nclex pn 205 questions.....i think i passed!

    Hello guys. I check quick result and I passed. So what I did: Saunders cd 4th ed, kaplan online review and pda by lacharity ( only did up to chap 8). Kaplan questions were very similar to the nclex...I got 68% on the diagnostic test. Also I read the bible psalm 21..good luck to everyone. Just remember to think "nclex" world when taking your exam...
  8. TEE1978


    Thank you.
  9. TEE1978


    Can someone please tell me what u will get with kaplan nclex pn classroom anywhere review? Also did u pass when you used it. Thank you very much
  10. TEE1978

    CT Residents

    Just graduated. Anyone?
  11. TEE1978


    What do u suggest for nclex-pn. Hurst is 300 for prerecorded videos and kaplan is 399. What do u think
  12. TEE1978

    NCLEX content help for pn

    how did you prepare before?
  13. TEE1978

    nclex-pn study materials

    thank you both. i want to knoq how i can get the pfd file. can't find it.
  14. TEE1978

    nclex-pn study materials

    Hello, I will be graduating next Thursday and my job will hire me as a nurse as soon as I pass the nclex...this is what I have to study.... Saunders comprehensive 4 (book n cd), Saunders questions n answer 4 e cd, I plan to buy kaplan quick bank n book ($140). Shoulld I add anything else? I plan to do 100-200 q per day for 1 month. Any tip will help
  15. TEE1978

    CT tech lpn program

    June 21st for me
  16. TEE1978

    nclex-pn.please help!

    Thank you. Any info on Hurst review?

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