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I dont know if i can make it :(


Im taking the test on the 20th but still i dont have a good score with LaCharity :(

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Don't get caught up with "scores". How do you feel about your level of readiness? If you don't honestly feel prepared, then you should consider rescheduling. Good luck.

I been reviewing already for almost 6 months i been reading the saunders,kaplan and now i been answering questions from LaCharity.they told me to try the test so that if i take it again i already know what the test is look like.

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You can do it!!! I'm testing Monday at 8 am and I've been prepping since I graduated in August. I've been constantly praying! I took Kaplan (did EVERY question), I bought Saunders, ExamCram and I've been utilizing the free Exam masters website University of Texas Medical Branch - Nursing

I've done everything humanly possible. The only thing left for me and for you to do is have faith and believe in ourselves. You're going to pass. I'm praying for you :)

Thanks bunny i hope we can pass and i will pray for you too goodluck for the 2 of us and also for those who will take the test may god bless us.have faith with god :)


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good luck!!!! 6 month of studying is great, trust yourself and the knowledge you have!!! Go kick nclex butt!!


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Ok ladies...I took the test already. Think priority, ABC's and what would you do 1st. Look at the question as "if I DON'T do this my patient will die". The NCLEX lady wants to know that you will not kill your patient. HTH!


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God bless you all and I pray God will open your minds to reveal the knowledge that is already there. Amen

You guys are lucky! I'm only have 1 1/2 months to study!.. And I'm currently enrolled in dialysis tech too!

I highly recommend the exam master! 2 thumbs up!