I applied to nursing school...now what?


I'm hoping some nurses or nursing students can help me. I've already applied to nursing school for the fall and I'm currently playing the "waiting game". It's driving me nuts just going to work every day and no school. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of things I could do while I'm waiting to hear back that would help nursing school go a little more smoothly for me... I was thinking of ordering some disease flashcards from amazon and really get down the diseases (S&S, treatment, virulence factors, etc.). And, I was going to order a book to practice clinicals (Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple). Will I be wasting my time and money on these things or is it a good investment?


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I'm also playing that waiting game...

I'm taking a few classes at the moment but I will have all Summer pretty much to wait. I've started learning a 2nd language (Mandarin Chinese). I'm also going to review my A&P, do a CPR class, and study for the TEAS. And I'm about to start the Insanity workout DVDs. Haha.

Idk about buying all those things on Amazon. Sounds very productive but I've never tried any of those.


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I am relaxing as much as possible because once that starts, ain't no relaxing gonna happen for a while!

I did CPR/AED/BLS classes, which are good and they'll probably ask them of you anyway so get them out of the way while you have time. Upping my volunteering hours. Trying to save some $$$$. Soon enough, but not soon enough--I hate waiting as well.


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I would say look at your school requirements for the nursing program, a lot of places want you to have all of your immunizations completed and your AHA BLS CPR done before you can begin the clinicals, you can get a head start on that if you haven't done it already. I would personally wait till you start classes before buying books. You will be buying a lot of required books for your classes and as you get to know students who are further in the program they will be telling you what study books are worth getting and what are not. If you really want to start doing something try getting the Mosby's NCLEX flash cards...

Mosby's Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 3e: Martin S. Manno RN MSN APRN BC: 9780323057424: Amazon.com: Books

Even though it sounds counterintuitive to do questions before you go over the material it does help to start early with NCLEX style question. NCLEX style question are phrased in a way that some find hard to understand to you have to read carefully and do them often. The more you do them even if you do not know the material the easier it will be to understand the questions and what they are asking you. Most nursing schools now test with NCLEX style question. Just make sure that if you do not know the answer that you read the rationales!!! This is what is going to help you understand what they are looking for in an answer and why! Good Luck! :)


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Thanks for the replies :) I'm completely done with school and I've already taken my TEAS. The relaxing was fun for the first month, but I feel like my brain is turning to mush lol. Good advice to get started on the immunizations and all that. The only reason why I want to study clinical situations and things like that was because I had a hard time with them in my micro class. I wanted to get a head start on them before nursing school since I already know I'm not too strong in that area. I guess it won't hurt lol


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I'm waiting too. I asked first-year nursing students what I should do. Basically....enjoy life NOW because you won't have much of one in nursing school. If you are bored, is there a hobby or volunteer activity you would like to do?

I can appreciate the idea of studying ahead of time, but I think it would be hard to know where to start. Does your school require a CNA class? Mine does, and I think it is great to learn the nursing basics ahead of time. Maybe you could get a med math book and learn some of that.


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I would avoid buying things before starting school because you dont want to waste money on things that you may not even understand yet. Many concepts in nursing are built on each other, so you dont want to start confusing yourself. And by build on itself, before you start studying gastroesophageal reflux disease or intusseception, you need to understand the thorough body. If anything, if you havent taken A&P id say buy the book you will use in the program and start studying it. Micro you should wait until after you complete A&P.

And I'm a second year of clinicals nursing student, katie is right, enjoy life now because nursing school will reek havoc on your social life, your study skills and many other aspects of your life. Spring break, thanksgiving breaks, you'll spend all day studying so those are gone, winter break youll be studying for the next semester. Its tough, so really enjoy it now.


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Relax. Seriously. Don't do anything.


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This summer I am planning on getting all of my immunizations and titers done, brushing up on A&P (because like many people have said: "Nursing builds on previous information", and spending time with my family. Dont do too much, and once you are accepted I would find out if you will have a drug calculations test. i heard that the program that I am planning on attending has a drug calculations test at orrientation and if you pass you are in and if you fail you are out. (no pressure) :rolleyes: