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Well guys,

Although I wrote the Dean and told her about my situation as an international student in the States, I am not accepted to the Nursing college for Fall 2003. I really do not know what to do now because I am here with my two children and it is against the laws of immigration to get a job off Campus and I cannot get a job on Campus. Another thing, I have to be enrolled at this University full-time at all times. I am in a deep depression just now and I am just wondering what courses I am going to take to occupy my time and to satisfy the rules of immigration while I wait for the Nursing College to accept me as an international student.

I feel so awful, I just want to scream at those people at the Nursing College and ask them where are their consciences. God forbids if I do not get in for Spring, I am certainly going to put my lawyer on the case because this is downright injustice. I do not get financial aid, I have to pay for everything here and to top it all, I have to be enrolled at this university doing courses in which I have no interest. There is a severe nurses shortage here, yet it is hard to get into the program even if one's GPA is high. What the hell do these people want me to do? Should I jump off a cliff to satisfy their consciences? or should I just give up to feed their mean spirits? I will not entertain these thoughts, I will just trod on and find someone here to speak for me because I deserve to achieve what I came here for. I have spent a whole lot to be here and I am not about to put my money to waste.

Thanks for allowing me to vent and that Nursing college is going to be tired to see my face!


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While I do sympathize greatly with your situation, the University can't make a special exception for one person and not everyone else on the list. I was turned down for the nursing program last year as well and spent the following three semesters doing the general education courses that go along with nursing. Its a very competitive field now and every program is hard to get into. Not many people ever get in on the first attempt except high school students or transfers or someone who has another 4 year degree behing them. Its usually nothing personal. Maybe you should check into another program as well.

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Well I understand that you are pissed off and upset but most people don't get into Nursing School there first try....I dont think its a personal thing. But because there is a nursing shortage that means there isn't enough space in the nursing classes to accomadate everyone either :( The nursing shortage doesn't mean they can still accept everyone who applies for Nursing School, there are not enought Nursing instructors to teach either. And a lot of people don't get financial aid, most have to pay for it out of their own pockets.

I'm not sure I understand where you think this is something personal against you or racism because you are from outside the US? Have they done something that is illegal? Have you found out how many slots are open compared to how many students apply to the nursing school? Did you apply anywhere else as a backup? Just trying to give you some ideas. I know you are upset :( Surely there are some classes you can take that can only help- have you completed all your BSN pre-reqs? Since you were turned down maybe you could take some more science classes so that you seem more competitive next semester when you apply?

Good luck but dont give up! A lot of people are not accepted into Nursing School the first time they apply.



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I am a international student,too.

I can understand what you feel.

Did you apply to only the school?

How about looking for another program?


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Practical Nursing Program

Don't give up to be a nurse!

Hae Ran.


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I have completed all my prerequisites and all my exit courses. I just have to take some stupid courses while waiting on the Nursing College to accept me. When you are an international student here, you have to produce a bank statement with huge amount of money to everything school here you wish to apply. I produce my statement for this university and unfortunately do not have enough money to produce to the others. I am supposed to be in a BSN program and I have done all the required courses for same.

Anyway, I am trying to come to terms with the rejection and I am praying for my emotion to be where it was yesterday. I am separated because of school and was just hanging on the hope that I would be accepted in the Nursing College to feel good about the decision of my separation and also to be happy about the fact that I would be able to support my two children that are here with me. Now, all seem to be gone, I am just left with a crushed heart and a miserable soul. However, this too will pass and I know that I will be happy again. I have to be strong for my children. We have no relatives here in the States, we are all alone.

Thanks for your support and for those who pray, please pray for me because now is the time I need it most.


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Oh man Ann that does suck. I had no idea bank statements and all were required from foreign students. And I knwo being seperated from your family has to be very hard.

But please dont give up! You have done a lot fo work and you *will* get in. Just dont whatever you have to do to get by until you can apply again for the next term.

Hang in there!! I hope my post above didn't sound rude or anything, but just wanted to let you know that your not alone, a lot of people don't get accepted to Nursing School for one reason or another :( But that doesn't mean they dont get in the next time.


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It must be very frustrating for you right now.

I know a lot of international students, they never mentioned bank statements. Is it a state requirement or maybe just that particular school?

Is it possible to look into other nursing schools in the area to apply for spring semester in case it doesn't work out at this one as a back up?


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I notice in your signiture it says, "Let go, let God!"

So what do you think God has in mind for you? Sometimes we don't see the bigger plan, but maybe this school is not where He wants you to be right now. Remember He says, "For I know the plans that I have for you... plans for your welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope." (Jer 29:ll)

Even though this seems like a "calamitous" situation, I'm sure that He has something bigger planned for you, for your good. Keep your hope in Him!

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Is there an immigrant or refugee organization where you live? Look for resources geared to immigrants. Catholic Charities and other church organizations may also have resources for you. You shouldn't be trying to do this alone.

PS. I do know that Catholic Charities won't try to convert you.


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I am so sorry that you did not get accepted:o

I know that here in Canada, it says right in the course calendar, that if a program is oversubscribed (too many applicants for too few spaces) then they automatically give priority to Canadian citizens, primarily students from the province where the college is located. On top of that, grades are considered very seriously, and even though someone may have a 4.0 thats no guarantee for entrance as 250 others may have that GPA as well. Another thing that our colleges/universities do is math/science/english testing and a personal interview. These things help narrow down the list of applicants.

I have no idea how it works in the USA, but maybe the colleges follow this type of system for applicants?

Why dont you see about volunteering at a local hospital? That will just add to your application! Or how about applying to the LPN program to start? You could always transfer after! Anyway, I wish you all the best, and good luck with your next application.


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To be honest with you, I am in deep deep depression at the moment. The Dean was suggesting that I change my major but I am not going to change it because I came here with the intention to realize my dream. I would prefer to be dead than to change my major. She was suggesting that I look at gerontology, who the hell told this lady that I want to specialize in that field? I am just getting even more angry. Is nursing not good enough for me? I have spent a huge amount of money to be here and I am not going back home to Jamaica without a degree.

My marriage is in shambles because of school and now I am rejected. I have two children here with me whom I have to support both emotionally and financially, yet I have to take courses for fall which do not relate to my major and to top it all, it is a possibility that I might not be in the program for the spring. I cannot do anything with my prerequisites back home in Jamaica, I just have to try other programs here. Most of these professors here are not aware of what international students have to endure in this country. Most times we are on our own boxing about like soccer balls. Yet, we are encouraged to come here to get a better education.

I had to see a clinical psychologist today because of my shattered emotions. I just cannot sleep because I do not know what to do next. Only God knows my pains. Grrrrrrrr....I cannot work off campus here and yet I am unable to get a job on campus. Another international student was rejected with a 3.7 Gpa, she too had to get help from the psychologist today. How am I going to survive here with the added expenses? I have to spend over 3000.00 Dollars extra taking courses while I wait to be accepted. I have to be enrolled as a full-time student at all times or else I will be sent home by immigration. I just want to scream....grrrrrr

Anyway, enough of my venting, I just have to cry and cry until my heart is healed. I have no one here to talk for me. I have no relative here. I am in a world all by myself with two children to care for. Just put yourself in my position for once, please! I am hurting!



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sweetie, we are trying to offer you some support, along with some great advice.

Honestly, I think it would be in your best interest to start off in another program, and then transfer to nursing at another time. Now, you said the Dean suggested Gerontology, right? Well, IMO, that would be a fantastic start and it would absolutely increase your chances of being accepted. Anything that you can do will only help you.

I understand that you are upset, I know that I will be devastated as well if I do not get in...however, I will have other options to fall back on. (early childhood education, or practical nursing....).

Now, I'm not sure I understand why you cannot get a job off campus. A job is a job, no?

How old are your kids? If they are old enough, send them out to get jobs as well! You are a family, and if need be, you all need to contribute for a little while.

I really think you need to open up to some of the ideas that are being passed on to you. We are only trying to help.

Good luck

:) :)

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