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I have recently applied for a position with Humana. I have read a lot of negative comments on glass door from previous employees, but not much information on RNs that work for Humana. Can anyone give any insight?

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Specializes in ICU/CCU/Oncology/CSU/Managed Care/ Case Management.
I have recently applied for a position with Humana. I have read a lot of negative comments on glass door from previous employees, but not much information on RNs that work for Humana. Can anyone give any insight?

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I am an RN that works at Humana as Clinical Advisor or Nurse Case Manager and I LOOOVE it. I will tell you there is a drop in pay compared to the hospital setting but the stress level is minimal and I actually enjoy getting up and going to work, unlike when I was working in ICU and disliked the bedside.

IF you like excitement this may not be for you, because what I do is telephonic but I needed a much slower pace and I really like the team i work with. One thing about Humana is they are very much into engaging their employees so i can say in our market they do alot of things to keep us happy to retain us.

I am very happy. It is salaried and like i said it is less than the hospital pay,but worth it to me. Managed care is very interesting

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i have worked from my home as a case manager for about 4 years and love it. how is the flexability with humana? do they tend to micro manage? that is what i have read. i currently have a job that lets me adjust my hours as needed and is very family friendly. thanks so much for your response. i have applied for a position that is on-site and work from home combined. i'm feeling a little isolated working from home every day.


I have checked out the Humana website. I am very interested in case management from home. There doesn't seem to be any openings for a nurse living in Mississippi. Any insight? I'm starting my MSN in the Fall specializing in case management.

I also work for Humana and love my job! The pay is a little less and working in a virtual world is much different. I work for Humana Cares and as far as I know we are not in MS yet. Keep looking we are huge and getting bigger everyday!!

i interviewed with humana yesterday for a complex cm position for work at home. how is this job? is it flexible and are you able to adjust your time and hours or do they monitor you being at the computer 8 hours a day? im in home health as a cm now and it is very flexible but 40 percent out seeing patients and 60 percent at home but i can chart at my own leisure. just curious about the micro managing of working at home... any insight on this?

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I am also interested in home health case management. I have a 3 yr old and I will have to pick her up during the middle of a shift. How easy would that be for me to work around a schedule like that? And do you know of companies in California that allows you to work from home?? Thank you in advance!!!

Humana....very micromanaged...time is closely monitored, on the phone all calls are listened too and sign on to the phone is your time clock. There are many groups or teams and they are "managed" by a coach who may not have anymore exp than you do..that should tell you something.

Also, each coach manages her teams as they want and there is no set standard for hours, up to the coach if you get to do 10's, up to the coach "lot's of stuff' and remember, it's not written anywhere and no set standards..big, big gripe with many now.

Several of the one's I started with about a yr ago are job shopping..or have left.

They are struggling with care plans over there. Think they"re easy? Well, it seems they want something different each week and depending on who is looking at your care plan it may be chewed up into shreds.

Is is nice to be able to stay home, not travel to a job, no night shift or call and no uniforms...?

But don't plan on doing laundry just cause you"re home or pick a child up from school or cook dinner... your time is closely watched and you will be made to account for what is going on at your end...not saying you can't go to the bathroom but better have permission with your coach if you are off the phone before you do anything. It is a salary position but you are treated like you are hourly and have to account for every minute..some of the meanest people work there, what a power trip they are on...

Excellent training to build up your patience...


I was wondering if you took the job at Humana and if so, would you be able to give me any information. I was recently offered a job as a Humana Cares Manager and I'm on the fence about whether or not to accept this job also due to the negative comments I have read online. Any information you could provide for me would be helpful.



Nat402, you should message me! I am in the same boat as you are right [email protected]

nat402, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner...

Please feel free to write me privately and I will be happy to answer any questions..Rntr

I too am interested in working in a Humana Cares position and would love to speak to get some feedback about the work from home positions.

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