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I am currently finishing up my last semester of Nursing School (I graduate in May). I am currently doing my final preceptorship on a unit I have dreamed about working on. How can I "hint" to the nursing managers that I am interested in a job on this unit after I graduate?

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Don't hint. Ask.

"I truly appreciate the opportunity to do my preceptorship on this unit. I've learned so much and had a great experience with the nurses, especially (preceptors names). I'd love to join your staff after I graduate. Could you tell me more about job opportunities for new graduate nurses?"

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In addition to the above script, once you pass NCLEX and there is a job posting, email the manager to let her know you applied. That way if you don't make it past the HR screening, she can request your application and resume from them.

And don't forget to perform well and do your best during your preceptorship. Everyday is like an interview when you are on the floor. Good luck!

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I was hired on the floor I did my preceptorship on as a new grad. My preceptor introduced me to the director of the floor and said "Kel wants to work here after she graduates." I had already submitted my application so the director emailed HR and said she wanted to interview me. By the time I interviewed she said it was just a formality since my preceptor spoke so highly of me.

I have hired several students who've done their preceptorships with us. I can see for myself who would be a good fit. All you can do is ask.

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And don't forget to perform well and do your best during your preceptorship. Everyday is like an interview when you are on the floor. Good luck!

And remember the little things. People may not remember that you were always on time, but they are sure going to hold it against you if you are late.

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Don't wait until after you have graduated to say something. Say something now, while you are doing your preceptorship in that unit. Either go up to you an introduce yourself ... or leave a note/card for her ... or ask your preceptor to introduce you. But introduce yourself, thank her for the opportunity to do your preceptorship on that unity, and simply ask whether or not the unit hires new grads -- and if so, what is her timetable for interviewing and hiring new grads for the upcoming summer. Tell her you are graduating in May and want to be sure to apply in the right way. The manager will know what you are asking and tell you what to do next.

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I agree with the above. NEVER hint about something you want. You will spend your life frustrated and feeling betrayed, not realizing that nobody knew your hint was a serious inquiry.

Speak to the manager. Ask for the job.

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If you don't ask, you don't get. Also, you can't expect them to read minds.

Tell them you'd like to work there. The worst thing that could happen is that they say No, right?

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"I would like to work here after I graduate."

That's how you do it.

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